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Looking for a brief overview of the artists in AkaTako's shop?

Welcome to the reference library. It was created as a place to help you find information about the artists on (like biographies, bibliographies, profiles, CVs, etc.) and to also find particular artworks. The reference library can help you identify who created an artwork, where and when it was published, and to also chat about artwork through comments on individual pieces.

Click an artist's name on the left (or below) to expand the menu and see what information is available. You can browse their artwork in their "Artwork Library" if available.

Etsuko Miura Information
Etsuko Miura
Fuco Ueda Information
Fuco Ueda
Fuyuko Matsui Information
Fuyuko Matsui
Gajin Tokuno Information
Gajin Tokuno
Hikari Shimoda Information
Hikari Shimoda
Hiroshi Nonami Information
Hiroshi Nonami
Kitany Design Factory Information
Kitanya Design
Makoto Aida Information
Makoto Aida
Romain Slocombe Information
Romain Slocombe
Ryo Yoshida Information
Ryo Yoshida
Seiichi Hayashi Information
Seiichi Hayashi
Shichinohe Masaru Information
Shichinohe Masaru
Simon Yotsuya Information
Simon Yotsuya
Suehiro Maruo Information
Suehiro Maruo
Takato Yamamoto Information
Takato Yamamoto
Tama Information
Toshio Saeki Information
Toshio Saeki
Trevor Brown Information
Trevor Brown

If you are looking for information on a particular artwork but aren't sure of the artist you can search the artwork library using combinations of various tags. Artists who currently have an artwork library on AkaTako:

The list of artists will likely expand in the future.


  1. Go to the Artwork Search page:
  2. Click "Filter by Tags" to expand the entire list of tags. It's very big to start off with but it updates automatically. As soon as one tag is selected, the list will be narrowed down.
  3. Start with the most obvious feature you can remember - like hair color, a big moon in the background, or a skull. Check the box for that feature. The list of tags should be a bit shorter now.
  4. Next, think of the second most obvious feature and check that box to reduce the results listed.
  5. At any time, you can scroll down a little to see the thumbnails of all artworks that match your selections.
  6. Hover your mouse over the image to see the artist and the title of the artwork. Click the image to go straight to that artwork's page.


  • Categorized Page of Tags - this page has all of the tags broken into intuitive categories and should help you navigate the large amount of tags that are listed throughout the site and on the Artwork Search page.

As always, if you need any assistance with any page on you can send a message using the contact form for prompt and personalized help.