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Romain Slocombe Information

Romain Slocombe Photoロマン・スロコンブ

A fascination with accidents and medical fetishism are the basis for Romain Slocombe's body of work. His photographs and paintings of injured Asian women have become so iconic that he has almost monopolized the genre.

Romain Slocombe Bibliography
- Chronological list of books published with Romain Slocombe's art. Divided by genre.

Romain Slocombe CV
- Biographical information about Romain Slocombe - including education, exhibitions, publications, professional milestones, and more.

Romain Slocombe's website (I think...)

Romain Slocombe on AkaTako
Books and other goods featuring the art of Romain Slocombe for sale on AkaTako.