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Toshio Saeki Information

佐伯俊男 Toshio Saeki Photo「さえきとしお」

Japan's master of eroguro art Toshio Saeki takes traditional Japanese folk tales and ghost stories to a whole new level in his dark artwork. Violence and eroticism mix with school girls and bondage to create an unnerving effect in his nightmarish works.

Toshio Saeki generally works in black and white - pen and ink - and then specifies which colors to be used in which percentages using CMYK values.

It was announced January 14, 2020, that Toshio Saeki passed away at the age of 74 on November 21, 2019. He had been in declining health in recent years and unfortunately the art world lost a great talent.

Toshio Saeki Bibliography
- Chronological listing of books by Toshio Saeki - including cover thumbnails, dates, sizes, and descriptions.

Toshio Saeki Biography FR
- Biographical information about Toshio Saeki - including inspirations, personal musings, and more.

Toshio Saeki Biography
- Biographical information in French about Toshio Saeki - including inspirations, personal musings, and more.

Toshio Saeki Onikage Notes
- Notes from the book "Onikage" - including memories, inspirations, and notes on the artworks contained in "Onikage".

Toshio Saeki's website

Toshio Saeki on AkaTako
Original artwork, books, prints, posters, postcards, and other goods by Toshio Saeki for sale on AkaTako.