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Mar 4, 2015

The old "Kinbaku Charm" category has been renamed to "Cell Phone Charms" so that it can include other styles of charms which may not be kinbaku related. The URL is new so please be sure to make a note of it!

For now, there are only cell phone charms by Kitanya Design Factory and Shintaro Kago. Hopefully some new ones will be added in the future.

Feb 20, 2015

Two new books of black and white illustrations by Asaji Muroi are now available. Both were self-published by the artist in the early 1990s but are in great condition and signed! "My Imagination" is a smaller size and has older, more experimental drawings. "Venus with a Dog Collar" is larger format and is devoted to the idea of woman-dog.

Asaji Muroi My Imagination SIGNED Asaji Muroi Venus with a Dog Collar SIGNED
"My Imagination" "Venus with a Dog Collar"

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Feb 15, 2015

One new clear file by Suehiro Maruo features Midori from his very popular "Shoujo Tsubaki" manga, and two clear files by Takato Yamamoto - both featuring artwork from his "Divertimento for a Martyr" book.

Suehiro Maruo Clear File Shoujo Tsubaki Takato Yamamoto Clear File Night Reverie Takato Yamamoto Clear File Sweet Time
Shoujo Tsubaki clear file Night Reverie clear file Sweet Time clear file

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Feb 10, 2015

Several sold out manga are finally back in stock! Including Shintaro Kago's "Eccentric People Magazine" and "Kasutoru Shiki"; Suehiro Maruo's "Haunted Mansion", "Paranoia Star", and "Shoujo Tsubaki". The brand new manga by Suehiro Maruo "Tomino Jigoku 1" was also restocked.

Shintaro Kago Eccentric People Magazine SIGNED Shintaro Kago Kasutoru Shiki SIGNED Suehiro Maruo Haunted Mansion SIGNED Suehiro Maruo Paranoia Star SIGNED Suehiro Maruo Shoujo Tsubaki SIGNED
Eccentric People Magazine Kasutoru Shiki Haunted Mansion Paranoia Star Shoujo Tsubaki

All manga are signed by the artist. Please click the images or titles above for more info.

Jan 28, 2015

There's a new, permanent coupon on AkaTako to help you save when you have little more shopping to do - 10% off when you order $150 or more! Just use coupon code 150TEN when you check out. This is not a special promotion with a time limit; you can use it anytime you like.

Spend $150 Get 10% Off

* The coupon does not work for original items or special order items but it works for everything else.
* The coupon only applies to non-original items which have a subtotal of $150 or more. Purchasing an original at the same time will not give you a discount on the original. The value of the original will not count towards the $150 subtotal.
* Please email if you have any questions.

Jan 21, 2015

Buy more for less - now you can either choose your three favorite signed and numbered Tama posters or get all five!

Tama Poster Set of Three SIGNED Tama Poster Set of Five SIGNED
Choose Three All Five

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Jan 18, 2015

New Takato Yamamoto poster featuring "Like a Curtain of Ashes" is now available. Poster is signed!

Takato Yamamoto Poster 12 Like a Curtain of Ashes

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Jan 13, 2015

New and clearer photos of all the Toshio Saeki posters have been added. There are currently only four styles still available to purchase and these are the last time AkaTako will be able to restock them. Once these have sold out they will be gone forever!

Toshio Saeki poster 1 SIGNED Toshio Saeki poster 2 SIGNED Toshio Saeki poster 3 SIGNED Toshio Saeki poster 4 SIGNED
Poster 1
Poster 2
Poster 3
(sold out)
Poster 4
(sold out)
- - - -
Toshio Saeki poster 5 SIGNED Toshio Saeki poster 6 SIGNED Toshio Saeki poster 7 SIGNED  
Poster 5
Poster 6
Poster 7
(sold out)

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Jan 9, 2015

New from Kitanya Design Factory, one new brand new style: an updated Gym Uniform Schoolgirl with pigtails and red headband. Plus the maneki neko (lucky cat) has been updated with the new lobster clasp style strap to make it a little easier to attach to whatever you'd like.

Gym Uniform Schoolgirl Kinbaku Charm Lucky Cat Karada Kinbaku Charm
Gym Uniform Schoolgirl charm Lucky Cat kinbaku charm

All purchases of cell phone straps are also available with a free cell phone dust plug on request!

Jan 4, 2015

Three new items by Takato Yamamoto - a brand new artwork available as a postcard or poster and a set of 6 postcards with artwork from the "Grass Labyrinth" book.

Takato Yamamoto poster 11 Shintoku-MaruTakato Yamamoto Shintoku-Maru postcardTakato Yamamoto Postcard Set 4
Shintoku-Maru posterShintoku-Maru postcardGrass Labyrinth postcards

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Jan 2, 2015

Twelve new toys or cell phone straps all handmade by Shintaro Kago are now available. Each toy takes inspiration from Japanese urban legends or pop culture.

Shintaro Kago toy Daruma GirlShintaro Kago toy Disassembled LadyShintaro Kago toy Exploded BabyShintaro Kago toy Eyepatch
Shintaro Kago toy Hanging CorpseShintaro Kago toy Miyo-chan bigShintaro Kago toy Miyo-chan smallShintaro Kago toy Murdered Lady
Shintaro Kago toy NukekubiShintaro Kago toy Run Over CorpseShintaro Kago toy Scattered Body PartsShintaro Kago toy Torn Off Legs Corpse

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Dec 30, 2014

All handmade by Shintaro Kago, each cute little baby is deformed in a different way - some are conjoined twins and others just have their own unique birth defects.

Shintaro Kago Freak Baby 1 Shintaro Kago Freak Baby 2 Shintaro Kago Freak Baby 3 Shintaro Kago Freak Baby 4 Shintaro Kago Freak Baby 5
Shintaro Kago Freak Baby 6 Shintaro Kago Freak Baby 7 Shintaro Kago Freak Baby 8 Shintaro Kago Freak Baby 9  

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Dec 27, 2014

Just added, five new original watercolor paintings by Shintaro Kago. Each one mixes whimsy and nightmares together in his own special way!

Shintaro Kago Funny Girl 71 Original Painting Shintaro Kago Funny Girl 72 Original Painting Shintaro Kago Funny Girl 73 Original Painting Shintaro Kago Funny Girl 74 Original Painting Shintaro Kago Funny Girl 75 Original Painting

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Dec 26, 2014

Three brand new mini-monographs featuring the art of Shintaro Kago are now available. Each has its own particular theme and is signed in black marker.

Shintaro Kago Giant Girl Expo SIGNED Shintaro Kago Harakiri Girls SIGNED Shintaro Kago Zombie Schoolgirls SIGNED
Giant Girl Expo Harakiri Girls Zombie Schoolgirls

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Dec 23, 2014

New manga that is the first in a series - signed copies of "Tomino Jigoku" ("Tomino the Damned" or "Tomino Hell") by Suehiro Maruo are now available. The story follows two twins who are sold to a local circus freak show.

Suehiro Maruo Tomino Jigoku SIGNEDSuehiro Maruo Tomino Jigoku SIGNED

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