News and New Japanese Art

Dec 15, 2014

Three new items just added from the Trevor Brown x Urbangarde collaboration! A set of two clear files with a signed postcard, and a t-shirt in black or natural.

Trevor Brown Urbangarde clear file setTrevor Brown Urbangarde black t-shirtTrevor Brown Urbangarde natural t-shirt

T-shirts are Japanese sizing and also include a postcard! Click the images above for more photos and details.

Dec 11, 2014

Just added, new mini booklet "The Art of Shintaro Kago 3", a set of four pins/buttons, and four new smaller versions of giclée prints.

The Art of Shintaro Kago 3 SIGNEDThe Art of Shintaro Kago 3 inside pageShintaro Kago Pin Button Badge Set
The Art of Shintaro Kago 3
The Art of Shintaro Kago 3
inside page
Four Pins/Buttons

The four new, smaller Shintaro Kago prints are about 75% smaller than the previous release. They were printed exclusively for an art fair but AkaTako was able to purchase a few of them as well.

Shintaro Kago print print Dream Toy Factory smallShintaro Kago print Murder Art Through the Ages small SIGNEDShintaro Kago print Sadistic Circus 1 small SIGNEDShintaro Kago print VICE small SIGNEDShintaro Kago Murder Art Through the Ages size comparison
Dream Toy Factory
Murder Art Through the Ages
Sadistic Circus 1
Size comparison

Click the images or titles for more photos and information.

Nov 13, 2014

There's five brand new designs of Kitanya Design Factory kinbaku charms now available. All charms are hand cast, hand painted, hand tied with mini-rope, and then clear-coated for durability.

Kitanya Design Axolotl Black kinbaku charm Kitanya Design French Maid Lady kinbaku charm Kitanya Design Nurse Lady kinbaku charm Kitanya Design Swimmer Lady kinbaku charm Kitanya Design White Bunny Blue Kikko kinbaku charm
Axolotl Black kinbaku charm French Maid kinbaku charm Nurse kinbaku charm Swimmer kinbaku charm White Bunny kinbaku charm

Previous styles of charms and dolls have also been restocked!

Oct 20, 2014

Now available for pre-order and expected to ship end of November, "Grass Labyrinth" is a special book in two parts - Japanese language novel by Kyoka Izumi which is illustrated by 29 of Takato Yamamoto's black and white underdrawings PLUS 28 full color works by Takato Yamamoto. Each book will be signed and the limited edition is numbered as well.

Takato Yamamoto Grass Labyrinth regular editionTakato Yamamoto Grass Labyrinth limited edition
"Grass Labyrinth" regular edition"Grass Labyrinth" limited edition
Regular edition is hardcover with a dust jacket
and one bookmark.
Styled after the highly collectible first edition "Kyoka-bon",
the special edition is limited to 500 pieces and includes a
purple slipcase, melon colored book edges, dust jacket,
incense, one postcard, and six bookmarks.

Sep 23, 2014

Just added, two new issues of Talking Heads Magazine. Number 57 is "Japanese Style Renaissance" and features current artists exploring classic Japanese techniques and themes. Number 58 is "Fairytale" and explores the other side of fairytales that we usually don't see in books.

Talking Heads No. 57 Japanese Style Renaissance Talking Heads No. 57 Masami Teraoka
- -
Talking Heads No. 58 Fairytale Talking Heads No. 58 Shiori Matsumoto

Click the images above for additional photos and information.

Sep 22, 2014

Four brand new original drawings by Namio Harukawa are now available by special order. Each has a military theme and will ship to you direct from Tokyo.

Namio Harukawa Drawing 32 Namio Harukawa Drawing 33 Namio Harukawa Drawing 34 Namio Harukawa Drawing 35

Click the images for more details or to send an inquiry.

Sep 8, 2014

A big surprise to have found one each of these Trevor Brown posters again. Only 150 of each were printed and they have long been sold out on AkaTako! Li'l Miss Sticky Kiss plays dress up as "Nazis Are Sexy" and "Nursie". Each poster is signed.

Trevor Brown Nazis Are Sexy poster SIGNEDTrevor Brown Nursie poster SIGNED
Trevor Brown
Nazis Are Sexy poster
Trevor Brown
Nursie poster

Click the images or titles for more photos and details.

Sep 1, 2014

Ending at midnight on Friday, September 5, AkaTako is clearing off a shelf or two and giving you some big discounts! You'll have to be logged in to AkaTako to get the sale price. These items are on sale:

Kenichi Murata 11 Sleeping Princesses postcards Suehiro Maruo Maruograph DX I SIGNED Suehiro Maruo Maruograph DX II SIGNED Takato Yamamoto Necrophantasmagoria
Kenichi Murata
11 Sleeping Princess cards

was $24 now $18
Suehiro Maruo
Maruograph DX I

was $58 now $42
Suehiro Maruo
Maruograph DX II

was $58 now $42
Takato Yamamoto
Necrophantasmagoria (unsigned)

was $49 now $35
- - - -
Takato Yamamoto Nansou Satomi Hakkenden SIGNED Trevor Brown Black and White book Trevor Brown Drawing Book EU Trevor Brown Toy Box postcards
Takato Yamamoto
Nansou Satomi ....

Trevor Brown
Black and White

Trevor Brown
Drawing Book EU

was $27 now $12
Trevor Brown
Toy Box Postcards

was $34 now $17

At midnight (Eastern Time in the US), all prices will go back to normal so don't miss out! If you need help logging in just send an email.

A few tips: if you have ever placed an order on AkaTako, just request a new password. If you have never placed an order before, create a new account.

Aug 25, 2014

Seven rare and out of print manga and one volume of S&M Sniper have just been added. Most of them were published in the 1980s and are quite hard to find!

Aki Uchiyama Ankoro TrioHiromi Hiraguchi Neppu HibarigaokaHoichi Rokuhara Kodomo JanaimonHoichi Rokuhara Pinky Panic
Aki Uchiyama
Ankoro Trio
Hiromi Hiraguchi
Neppu Hibarigaoka
Hoichi Rokuhara
Kodomo Janaimon!
Hoichi Rokuhara
Pinky Panic
Midori Shida Ranyakata 1st EditionMidori Shida RanyakataShunichi Muraso Shoujo HanazonoS&M Sniper 2007 Vol 7
Midori Shida
Ranyakata 1st Ed
Midori Shida
Shunichi Muraso
Shoujo Hanazono
S&M Sniper
2007 Vol 7

Click the images or titles for more details.

Aug 23, 2014

Just added, three extra large (27" x 38.5"!) posters by Hajime Sorayama. All are signed and numbered from limited editions of 240 pieces each.

Hajime Sorayama poster Red SetteeHajime Sorayama poster SquidHajime Sorayama poster Turtle
Hajime Sorayama
Red Settee poster
Hajime Sorayama
Squid poster
Hajime Sorayama
Turtle poster

Click the images or titles for more details and photos.

Aug 22, 2014

Seven rare, out of print manga by Jun Hayami are now available, plus an unsigned version of "Vile Vulgar".

Jun Hayami Adokenai Meikyuu Jun Hayami Bloodstained Angel 1st Ed Jun Hayami Hentai Shounen Jun Hayami Jun no Harawata
"Adokenai Meikyuu" "Bloodstained Angel 1st Ed" "Hentai Shounen" "Jun no Harawata"
Jun Hayami Nietagiru Mitsu Jun Hayami Pinku no Okurimono Jun Hayami manga Axe Vol 26 Jun Hayami Vile Vulgar
"Nietagiru Mitsu" "Pinku no Okurimono" "Axe Vol 26 アックス" "Vile Vulgar"

There's also a new, detailed bibliography of Jun Hayami books to help you figure out which book contains which stories. More to be added in the near future.

Aug 6, 2014

Gorgeous set of 18 postcards featuring Koitsukihime's beautiful gothic dolls photographed by Hiroshi Nonami. A few of the "Misericordia" postcards were also featured in Yaso Vampire.

Koitsukihime Misericordia Postcard Set Koitsukihime Misericordia Postcard Set

Click the images above for more photos and details.

Aug 4, 2014

Now in stock, regular edition and a special limited edition of "Girls' Kingdom" by Kira Imai. The limited edition includes a hand colored print (signed and numbered edition of only 50!).

Kira Imai Girls Kingdom Kira Imai Girls Kingdom Limited Edition print
Kira Imai
Girls Kingdom (regular edition)
Kira Imai
Girls Kingdom Limited Edition print

The pink and gray Gekko Shojo tights by Kira Imai are also back in stock now.

Aug 1, 2014

Yaso "Urbangarde" is now in stock with everything you ever wanted to know about the Japanese band plus a good bit of new art from some favorite artists. There's also new tights by Yoh - "Monochrome Aquarium".

Yaso Urbangarde magazine Yoh Monochrome Aquarium tights
Yaso Urbangarde Yoh Monochrome Aquarium tights.

Click the images for more details.

Jul 23, 2014

Now in stock, Tama's new book "Secret Mode". Actual photos and details have been added. Each book is SIGNED with a small original drawing too!

Tama Secret Mode SIGNEDTama Secret Mode SIGNED

Click the pictures for more details and images.