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Aug 25, 2014

Seven rare and out of print manga and one volume of S&M Sniper have just been added. Most of them were published in the 1980s and are quite hard to find!

Aki Uchiyama Ankoro TrioHiromi Hiraguchi Neppu HibarigaokaHoichi Rokuhara Kodomo JanaimonHoichi Rokuhara Pinky Panic
Aki Uchiyama
Ankoro Trio
Hiromi Hiraguchi
Neppu Hibarigaoka
Hoichi Rokuhara
Kodomo Janaimon!
Hoichi Rokuhara
Pinky Panic
Midori Shida Ranyakata 1st EditionMidori Shida RanyakataShunichi Muraso Shoujo HanazonoS&M Sniper 2007 Vol 7
Midori Shida
Ranyakata 1st Ed
Midori Shida
Shunichi Muraso
Shoujo Hanazono
S&M Sniper
2007 Vol 7

Click the images or titles for more details.

Aug 23, 2014

Just added, three extra large (27" x 38.5"!) posters by Hajime Sorayama. All are signed and numbered from limited editions of 240 pieces each.

Hajime Sorayama poster Red SetteeHajime Sorayama poster SquidHajime Sorayama poster Turtle
Hajime Sorayama
Red Settee poster
Hajime Sorayama
Squid poster
Hajime Sorayama
Turtle poster

Click the images or titles for more details and photos.

Aug 22, 2014

Seven rare, out of print manga by Jun Hayami are now available, plus an unsigned version of "Vile Vulgar".

Jun Hayami Adokenai Meikyuu Jun Hayami Bloodstained Angel 1st Ed Jun Hayami Hentai Shounen Jun Hayami Jun no Harawata
"Adokenai Meikyuu" "Bloodstained Angel 1st Ed" "Hentai Shounen" "Jun no Harawata"
Jun Hayami Nietagiru Mitsu Jun Hayami Pinku no Okurimono Jun Hayami manga Axe Vol 26 Jun Hayami Vile Vulgar
"Nietagiru Mitsu" "Pinku no Okurimono" "Axe Vol 26 アックス" "Vile Vulgar"

There's also a new, detailed bibliography of Jun Hayami books to help you figure out which book contains which stories. More to be added in the near future.

Aug 6, 2014

Gorgeous set of 18 postcards featuring Koitsukihime's beautiful gothic dolls photographed by Hiroshi Nonami. A few of the "Misericordia" postcards were also featured in Yaso Vampire.

Koitsukihime Misericordia Postcard Set Koitsukihime Misericordia Postcard Set

Click the images above for more photos and details.

Aug 4, 2014

Now in stock, regular edition and a special limited edition of "Girls' Kingdom" by Kira Imai. The limited edition includes a hand colored print (signed and numbered edition of only 50!).

Kira Imai Girls Kingdom Kira Imai Girls Kingdom Limited Edition print
Kira Imai
Girls Kingdom (regular edition)
Kira Imai
Girls Kingdom Limited Edition print

The pink and gray Gekko Shojo tights by Kira Imai are also back in stock now.

Aug 1, 2014

Yaso "Urbangarde" is now in stock with everything you ever wanted to know about the Japanese band plus a good bit of new art from some favorite artists. There's also new tights by Yoh - "Monochrome Aquarium".

Yaso Urbangarde magazine Yoh Monochrome Aquarium tights
Yaso Urbangarde Yoh Monochrome Aquarium tights.

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Jul 23, 2014

Now in stock, Tama's new book "Secret Mode". Actual photos and details have been added. Each book is SIGNED with a small original drawing too!

Tama Secret Mode SIGNEDTama Secret Mode SIGNED

Click the pictures for more details and images.

Jul 23, 2014

Brand new book "Yumenozoki" (Glimse of a Dream) featuring over 150 full color works by Toshio Saeki which were originally printed in SM Select between 1972 - 1984. Book is full of the erotic grotesque artworks that Saeki is well known for but which haven't been printed in other books as far as I can tell.

Toshio Saeki Yumenozoki front coverToshio Saeki Yumenozoki inside page

Book is SIGNED inside the front cover. Click the images above for more details and photos.

Jul 22, 2014

Brand new softcover book "Simon Doll" features 46 dolls created between 1960 and 2014. Very well photographed, most dolls have several angles, wide shots, and close ups to reveal the intricate details of Simon Yotsuya's work.

Simon Yotsuya Simon Doll front coverSimon Yotsuya Simon Doll inside page

Book is SIGNED inside the front cover. Click the images for more details and photos.

Jul 17, 2014

Two mini booklets featuring the dolls of Mari Shimizu have just been added. "Manifeste du Pop Surrealisme" is a larger size with full color photos and Japanese text; "Ashes to Ashes" is a little smaller with full color photos and a Japanese/English story.

Mari Shimizu Manifeste du Pop Surrealisme SIGNEDMari Shimizu Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust
Mari Shimizu
"Manifeste du Pop Surrealisme"
Mari Shimizu
"Ashes to Ashes"

Click the images above for more photos and additional information.

Jul 17, 2014

Self-published mini book featuring 4 panel comics by Shintaro Kago. "Four Part Manga" is packed with tongue in cheek humor and a good dose of violence! Signed inside the front cover.

Shintaro Kago Four Part Manga SIGNEDShintaro Kago Four Part Manga SIGNED

Click the images above for more photos and information.

Jul 9, 2014

Now available, two original Namio Harukawa drawings with pink accents and three full color originals! The first two have colored pencil accents and were drawn in 2005. The full color originals are watercolor and colored pencil, painted in 2014.

Namio Harukawa Drawing 27 Namio Harukawa Drawing 28 Namio Harukawa Drawing 29 Namio Harukawa Drawing 30 Namio Harukawa Drawing 31

Click the images for more details or to purchase. Ships direct from New York, NY.

Jul 9, 2014

Three lovely new Shintaro Kago original paintings are now available by special order. Just send an inquiry - ships for free direct from Tokyo to you.

Shintaro Kago Polka Dot 3 original painting Shintaro Kago Rabbit original painting Shintaro Kago Railroad original painting
Shintaro Kago
Polka Dot 3 painting
Shintaro Kago
Rabbit painting
Shintaro Kago
Railroad painting

Click the images or titles for more information.

Jul 9, 2014

Four original artworks by Uziga Waita are now available by special order. Just send an inquiry to confirm availability and you can own an original by the master of extreme eroguro. Originals range from subtle to outright gore - something for everyone!

Uziga Waita Apocalypse original Uziga Waita Egg Slicer original Uziga Waita Greedy Girl original Uziga Waita Unpainted Face original
Uziga Waita
Uziga Waita
Egg Slicer
Uziga Waita
Greedy Girl
Uziga Waita
Unpainted Face

Click the images or titles for more information or to send an inquiry.

Jun 25, 2014

Now in stock, cotton canvas reusable shopping bag featuring artwork by Toshio Saeki! Easily hangs on your shoulder and stands at the ready to help you carry your stuff around.

Toshio Saeki Shopping Bag

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