May 3, 2016

Just added, ten original graphite drawings of big beautiful women by Namio Harukawa. Shipping direct to you from Tokyo, just send an inquiry to confirm availability and get a shipping quote (usually $25-35).

Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 45 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 46 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 47 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 48 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 49
Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 50 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 51 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 52 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 53 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 54

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May 1, 2016

Two issues of Talking Heads magazine - No. 64 and No. 65 - plus one new issue of TH ExtrART File 08 (fewer pages, more photos!) have been added.

Talking Heads Magazine No. 64 Rhetoric of Objet d'Art / HitogataTalking Heads No. 64
Rhetoric of Objet d'Art / Hitogata

224 pages featuring artists like Etsuko Miura x Ryo Yoshida, Hiroko Uehara, Mari Shimizu, Tacji Kikuchi, Kaoru Mori, Midori Hayashi, Trevor Brown, Nananano, Kenny Horie, Kenichi Koyama, and many others.
Talking Heads Magazine No. 65 Paradise of Food and DrinksTalking Heads Magazine No. 65
Paradise of Food and Drinks

224 pages featuring artists like ynn Bianchi, Will Cotton, Dirk Staschke, Sakurako Hattori, Tama, Sui Yumeshima, Ichiyoh Haga, Yogu, Keiko Miyata, Atsushi Tani, Niko Pirosmani, and many others.
TH ExtrART File 08TH ExtrART File 08
Landscape of Visible Fantasy, Tell a Story

112 pages filled with color photos of the works of artists like Tacji Kikuchi, Kaoru Mori, Mai Tamagawa, Yuko Fukase, Mari Shimizu, Brandi Milne, Hinaduki Yoruno, Nananano, Hajime Kinoko, and many others.

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Apr 15, 2016

Just in time for warmer weather, over-the-knee socks with a kinbaku rope bondage pattern designed by Hajime Kinoko! Available in four different color combinations, you're sure to find one to fall in love with.

Hajime Kinoko Shibari Socks Black Hajime Kinoko Shibari Socks Blue Hajime Kinoko Shibari Socks Pink Hajime Kinoko Shibari Socks Red
black background
gray/white ropes
ballet pink background
blue ropes
white background
pink ropes
white background
red ropes

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Apr 1, 2016

The brand new books "Wachtraum" by Mari Shimizu and "Fallen Princess" by Tama are now available for pre-order. They will both be signed by the artist and are expected to arrive around April 15th.

Mari Shimizu Wachtraum SIGNED Tama Fallen Princess SIGNED
Mari Shimizu
Fallen Princess

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Mar 29, 2016

On the way to AkaTako very soon, Hajime Kinoko's new book "Red", the intermediate level kinbaku instructional DVD, and a ROM disc titled "White". Items are expected to arrive early April!

Hajime Kinoko Red SIGNEDHajime Kinoko Modern Kinbaku Techniques Intermediate Level DVDHajime Kinoko White ROM
Intermediate Level
Kinbaku Instructional DVD

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Feb 17, 2016

New mini-monograph by Shintaro Kago of a bloody good time at the Summer Festival (matsuri)!

Shintaro Kago Summer Festival SIGNED

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Jan 31, 2016

Two signed books by Hajime Kinoko now available. "Nawanano" is a larger format book full of only Nananano photos in four different settings. "Fly Agaric" is smaller but many more pages, packed with ten different models tied up in beautiful positions.

Hajime Kinoko Nawanano SIGNEDHajime Kinoko Fly Agaric Rope Artworks SIGNED
Hajime Kinoko
Hajime Kinoko
Fly Agaric

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Jan 31, 2016

Just arrived, one instructional kinbaku DVD with English subtitles and two Shibari art DVDs by Hajime Kinoko. The Beginner and Insomnia DVDs feature popular model Nananano while the SM Sniper DVD features adult actress Yu Kawakami.

Hajime Kinoko Modern Kinbaku Techniques Beginner Level DVDHajime Kinoko Insomnia Bondage DVDHajime Kinoko SM Sniper Kinbaku 3 DVD
Beginner Kinbaku
Techniques DVD
Insomnia Bondage
SM Sniper
Kinbaku 3 DVD

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