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Welcome to AkaTako - your international source for underground and hard to find Japanese art: signed books, limited edition prints and posters, licensed enamel pins and t-shirts, artist produced postcards and mini books, original drawings and paintings, and lots more. We ship worldwide!
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Jan 3, 2020

The sale/final clearance section just doubled in size! New items marked down and remaining sale items further reduced. All items in the sale section will not be restocked so this is your last chance.

AkaTako Sale and Final Clearance AkaTako Sale and Final Clearance

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Dec 29, 2019

Four vintage books of Japanese doll artists from the late 1980s/early 1990s have just been added. These are a smaller format book in lightly used condition. Two by Amano Katan and two by Ryoichi Yoshida.

Amano Katan Katan Doll 1st Edition
Amano Katan
Katan Doll 1st edition
Amano Katan Katan Doll Fantasm
Amano Katan
Katan Doll Fantasm
Ryoichi Yoshida Anatomic Doll
Ryoichi Yoshida
Anatomic Doll
Ryoichi Yoshida Anatomic Doll II
Ryoichi Yoshida
Anatomic Doll II

Also available, later editions of the above books which combined the two into one, larger volume:

Amano Katan Katan Doll
Amano Katan
Katan Doll (2007)
Ryo Yoshida Articulated Doll SIGNED
Ryo Yoshida
Articulated Doll (2002)

And if you are interested in Japanese doll artists, I would highly recommend the new book DOLLS by photographer Nagare Tanaka. His beautiful photos will introduce you to 28 different original artists!

Dec 28, 2019

Just added, two brand new books by Yoh Monochrome. Each book is 22 pages long and full of black and white illustrations with touches of pastel colors here and there.

Yoh Monochrome Dream Meal Botanical Picture Book
"Dream Meal Botanical Picture Book"
Yoh Monochrome Forest of White, Black, and Violet
"Forest of White, Black, and Violet"

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Dec 15, 2019

A dozen original drawings by bbw face-sitting artist Namio Harukawa have just been added for sale.
Drawings are pencil on paper and will ship direct to you from Tokyo.

Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 163 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 164 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 165 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 166 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 167 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 168
Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 169 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 170 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 171 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 172 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 173 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 174

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Dec 1, 2019

All four of Suehiro Maruo's epic revenge story "Tomino Jigoku" are available now! Each manga is signed by Suehiro Maruo inside the cover. Text is 100% Japanese.

Suehiro Maruo Tomino Jigoku 1 SIGNED
Tomino Jigoku 1
Suehiro Maruo Tomino Jigoku 2 SIGNED
Tomino Jigoku 2
Suehiro Maruo Tomino Jigoku 3 SIGNED
Tomino Jigoku 3
Suehiro Maruo Tomino Jigoku 4 SIGNED
Tomino Jigoku 4

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Nov 23, 2019

New goods made by Tama herself! These all feature artworks from her new book "Calling". 12 postcards, 4 single stickers, 2 sticker sets, and one clear file.

Tama Postcard Group 4
Postcard Group
Tama Postcard Group 5
Postcard Group
Tama Postcard Group 6
Postcard Group
Tama Single Sticker Group 5
Single Stickers
Tama Sticker Set Group 6
Sticker Sets
Tama Calling Clear File
"Calling" Clear File

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Nov 19, 2019

Just added to AkaTako, two full size suspended kinbaku dolls by Kitanya Design and also a small display stand that you can purchase separately to fit the cell phone size kinbaku charms. Full size dolls measure about 8" (20cm) high; small stand measures about 3" (7.5cm) high.

Suspended Bunny Kinbaku Doll
Suspended Bunny
Kinbaku Doll
Suspended Panda Kinbaku Doll
Suspended Panda
Kinbaku Doll
Kinbaku Charm Stand
Small Stand
for Kinbaku Charm
Kinbaku Charm Stand
Small Stand
(charm not included)

All other Kitanya Design Factory kinbaku charms, dolls, and banks are back in stock too!

Nov 16, 2019

I was able to find limited copies of Makoto Aida books so they are available again!

Makoto Aida La Trentaine
La Trentaine
Makoto Aida Monument for Nothing
Monument for Nothing
Makoto Aida Mutant Hanako 1st Edition SIGNED
Mutant Hanako SIGNED!

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