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Feb 18, 2022

Just added and the publisher is already nearly sold out! Gekko Hayashi, a.k.a., Gojin Ishihara book "The Delight of Boys Love & Masculinity". Same format as the recently reprinted Namio Harukawa books and absolutely packed with artwork! Just over 300 pages and over 275 artworks. Book includes three essays (Japanese language only) and a bilingual (Japanese/English) artist bio with many intersting tidbits of information.

Gekko Hayashi The Delight of Boys Love & Masculinity
(front cover)
Gekko Hayashi The Delight of Boys Love & Masculinity
(inside pages)

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Feb 10, 2022

Fresh from selling out, both volumes of the memorial edition books for Namio Harukawa have just been reprinted in a second edition. Both volumes are in stock and ready to ship worldwide from the USA and the EU shipping location. Each book is 336 pages long and the artworks are unique between the two - over 600 images between the two of them!!

Incredible Femdom Art of Namio Harukawa Expanded Namio Harukawa Facesittings are Forever


Also in stock, the earlier 2012 illustrated story book "Garden of Domina".
Includes about 80 monochrome artworks and a bilingual (JP/EN) story.
Namio Harukawa Garden of Domina

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Jan 30, 2022

Just added, five issues of ExtrART Magazine. Published by the same company as the "Talking Heads" art magazine series, ExtrART is like the little sister with fewer (but much larger) pages, far more images and photos, and way less talk (which can be a little difficult when it's 100% Japanese). With ExtrART, you can be visually introduced to many new artists and also see what is currently happening in the Japan art scene thanks to photographs of current exhibitions.

ExtrART file.20 Yuka Sakuma front cover
ExtrART file.20
"Crawling Through the
Land of Illusions"
ExtrART file.24 Fuco Ueda front cover
ExtrART file.24
"A Glimpse of the
Profound Mystery"
ExtrART file.28 Akiko Ijichi front cover
ExtrART file.28
"Dream Song for a Girl"
ExtrART file.29 Yoshitoshi Kanemaki front cover
ExtrART file.29
"Seeing / Different
Perspectives of Sight"
ExtrART file.30 Kana Miyamoto front cover
ExtrART file.30
"Labyrinth of Swaying
Mental Image"

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Jan 21, 2022

A great big box of kinbaku charms by Kitanya Design Factory has arrived! The EU location is all stocked up and ready to ship while a box is on the way to the USA location right now. You can place your order now and it will ship as soon as the box arrives (very early February). There are also three NEW charms added:

Crab Kinbaku Charm
Crab Kinbaku Charm
Onigiri Kinbaku Charm
Onigiri Kinbaku Charm
Poison Mushroom Kinbaku Charm
Poison Mushroom Kinbaku Charm

All charms are individually hand made, painted, and then tied with real (miniature) rope! Each one may vary slightly from the images shown. All charms have a lobster claw clasp so you can easily attach them to your bag, jewelry, zipper pull, etc. There's also a longer "cell phone strap" attached to the lobster claw clasp and you can request a free dust plug when you order.

Dec 29, 2021

Many brand new items by Makiko Sugawa have just been added. Most of these were offered during her recent exhibition at Vanilla Gallery for her brand new book "Sweet Room". Items are in stock and ready to ship via the EU location. USA shipping location will receive everything early January but they are available for pre-order already. [Now in stock at both locations!] (Both locations can ship worldwide.)

Makiko Sugawa The Story of Nii and Meme SIGNED
"The Story of Nii and Meme"

Makiko Sugawa Clear File - Green or Pink
choice of two
A4 size clear files
Makiko Sugawa Tote Bag
cotton canvas
tote bag

Makiko Sugawa Postcard Set Long
set of 3
long postcards
Makiko Sugawa Postcard Set Large
set of 3
large postcards

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Dec 25, 2021

Many new Kira Imai items just added, older items restocked (including a bunch of postcards and stickers). All items are currently in stock at the EU shipping location. The USA shipping location will receive everything in early January but you can place your order now before they arrive. [Now in stock at both locations!] (Both locations can ship worldwide.)

Kira Imai Frill
FRILL 'zine

Kira Imai Mini Poster Frill
FRILL mini poster

Kira Imai Mini Poster Endless Tea Party
mini poster
Kira Imai Mini Poster Lolita
LOLITA mini poster

Kira Imai Mini Poster Memory
MEMORY mini poster

Kira Imai Enamel Pin Abracadabra
ABRACADABRA enamel pin

Kira Imai Acrylic Keychain Halloween
acrylic keychain
Kira Imai Sticker Halloween
Kira Imai Sticker Examination Room
EXAM ROOM sticker

Kira Imai Sticker Group 4
NEW sticker group

Kira Imai Postcard Group 13
postcard group 13
Kira Imai Postcard Group 14
postcard group 14
Kira Imai Postcard Group 15
postcard group 15
Kira Imai Postcard Group 16
postcard group 16

PLUS all three of Kira Imai's hardcover books are now available SIGNED inside the front cover!

Kira Imai Gekko Shojo SIGNED
Kira Imai
Kira Imai Girls Kingdom SIGNED
Kira Imai
Kira Imai Hitosaji Hime SIGNED
Kira Imai

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Dec 18, 2021

Now in stock, a few new groups of Tama postcards that you can buy one at a time as you wish. These are mostly from her new book "Deep Memories" plus a pair of postcards and one sticker set from a recent exhibition at Oto Gallery. Several of them are also printed in her (nearly sold out) 2022 desktop calendar!

Tama Postcard Group 10 Tama Postcard Group 11 Tama Postcard Group 12
Tama Postcard Group 13 Tama Sticker Set Group 7

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Nov 26, 2021

It's a sale all weekend long! [SALE IS FINISHED NOW. Thank you!]

☑ Black Friday
☑ Small Business Saturday
☑ Cyber Monday

All of AkaTako's exclusive enamel pins are 20% off - no coupon needed, just enjoy the discount. o((*^▽^*))o Thank you for your support!

Shintaro Kago Enamel Pin Eyes / OctopusShintaro Kago Enamel Pin CatsSuehiro Maruo Enamel PinTrevor Brown Enamel Pin Asobimasho / Seppuku
Makiko Sugawa Enamel PinTama Enamel Pin - Don't Miss the Season OR Limited BlossomAkaTako Enamel Pin 

Sale lasts through end of day, Monday, November 29, 2021. Sale prices are as shown on the individual items (click the images above) - no coupon code necessary and no other items other than the ones specifically listed above are reduced for this particular sale. On the pins which offer $1 discount when you buy both - the $1 discount is applicable to full price only. If you buy both pins during this sale, you will receive 20% off of both pins. You will not receive 20% off + $1 off. Thanks for your understanding.