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Dec 5, 2018

Actual photos just added of the new Trevor Brown enamel pins "Asobimasho 2001" and "Seppuku". Pins are in stock in both USA and EU shipping locations. Officially licensed by Trevor Brown.

Trevor Brown Enamel Pin Asobimasho / Seppuku Trevor Brown Enamel Pin Asobimasho Trevor Brown Enamel Pin Seppuku

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Dec 1, 2018

A new artist to AkaTako! I met Chika Yamada in Tokyo and was drawn to her big blue schoolgirls surveying the world around them. Sometimes they dominate their surroundings and sometimes they are overwhelmed by them. I hope you like her works as much as I do!

Artist produced book, signed with a small original drawing:

Chika Yamada Hyou Hyou SIGNED Chika Yamada Hyou Hyou inside pages

Click the images above to see inside pages and to order.

Nov 27, 2018

Now available, lots of new pins, stickers, postcards, and a 2019 calendar featuring The cute and sometimes twisted watercolor art of Tama.

Large Buttons      
Tama End of the World x-large pin Tama Hidden Ruler x-large pin Tama Into the Abyss x-large pin Tama Lager x-large pin
Tama Lidocaine Drop x-large pin Tama Nothing But Sadness x-large pin Tama Secret Mode x-large pin Tama x-large pin
Small Buttons    
Tama Don't Miss the Season pin Tama Fragile Heart pin Tama Melty Lolita pin Tama Misfortune Isn't So Bad pin
Tama Please Choose Me pin Tama Rosy Noon pin Tama Seeing Is Believing pin  
Tama Postcard Group 1 Tama Postcard Group 2 Tama Postcard Group 3
Single Stickers    
Tama Single Sticker Group 1 Tama Single Sticker Group 2 Tama Single Sticker Group 3 Tama Single Sticker Group 4
Sticker Sets      
Tama Sticker Set Group 1 Tama Sticker Set Group 2 Tama Sticker Set Group 3 Tama Sticker Set Group 4 Tama Sticker Set Group 5

Tama 2019 Calendar
Tama 2019 Calendar

Nov 21, 2018

Now in stock at both EU and USA locations, four books, five stickers, and three buttons featuring the very cute and imaginative insect artwork of Em Nishizuka.

BOOKS: Em Nishizuka Bug's Tale
"Bug's Tale"
Em Nishizuka Kimono Scene
"Kimono Scene"
Em Nishizuka Summer Specimen
"Summer Specimen"
Em Nishizuka UGOMEK
STICKERS: Em Nishizuka Angel Sticker
Em Nishizuka Devil Sticker
Em Nishizuka Sailor Sticker
Em Nishizuka Blue Nurse Sticker
Blue Nurse
Em Nishizuka Pink Nurse Sticker
Pink Nurse
BUTTONS: Em Nishizuka Imomafu Button
Em Nishizuka Blue Nurse Button
Blue Nurse
Em Nishizuka Red Nurse Button
Red Nurse

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Nov 21, 2018

A handful of rare books are back in stock now! Including Kuniyoshi Kaneko, Makoto Aida, Suehiro Maruo, Toshio Saeki, and Trevor Brown.

Kuniyoshi Kaneko Drink Me Eat Me Makoto Aida Monument for Nothing Suehiro Maruo Jigoku II
Toshio Saeki The Earliest Works Trevor Brown My Alphabet Orange Cover Trevor Brown Forbidden Fruit

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Nov 20, 2018

Finally confirmed, Takato Yamamoto's brand new book "Nosferatu" is available for pre-order! There's three versions of the book (all signed), t-shirts, clear files, a poster, and buttons. Items have arrived and are in stock. Limited edition of 75 is sold out, limited edition of 500 is almost sold out.

Takato Yamamoto Nosferatu SIGNED
"Nosferatu" regular edition
dark red paper book cover
Takato Yamamoto Nosferatu Limited Edition
"Nosferatu" limited edition
signed, #'d edition of 500 pieces
bright red satin book cover
Takato Yamamoto Nosferatu Limited Edition of 75
"Nosferatu" limited edition 75
signed, #'d edition of 75 pieces
includes signed/#'d giclée print
bright red satin book cover
- - - -
Takato Yamamoto Nosferatu Exhibition Poster
Exhibition Poster
Takato Yamamoto Nosferatu Exhibition t-shirt
Exhibition T-Shirt
Takato Yamamoto Nosferatu Buttons
Exhibition Buttons
- - - -
Takato Yamamoto Clear File Nosferatu - Attachment
"Nosferatu - Attachment"
Clear File
Takato Yamamoto Clear File Nosferatu - Blood and Rose
"Nosferatu - Blood and Rose"
Clear File
Takato Yamamoto Clear File Nosferatu - Joy
"Nosferatu - Joy"
Clear File
Takato Yamamoto Clear File Nosferatu - Love
"Nosferatu - Love"
Clear File
Takato Yamamoto Clear File Nosferatu - Red Sheets
"Nosferatu - Red Sheets"
Mini Clear File
Takato Yamamoto Clear File Vampire
Clear File
Takato Yamamoto Clear File Vampire Fairy Demon
"Vampire Fairy Demon"
Clear File

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Nov 18, 2018

Just about every kinbaku charm and doll by Kitanya Design Factory is back in stock now! Both EU and USA shipping locations are available.

Angel Lady Karada Kinbaku Charm Axolotl Karada Kinbaku Charm Ballerina Bunny Kinbaku Charm Black Mask Bunny Kinbaku Bank Black Mask Bunny Kinbaku Doll
Bunny & Cat Pair Karada Kinbaku Charm Bunny Lady Karada Kinbaku Charm Camera Rolleiflex Karada Kinbaku Charm Cow Lady Kinbaku Charm Flying Heart Kinbaku Charm
Jellyfish Karada Kinbaku Charm Kappa Karada Kinbaku Charm Kitanya Design I Love Kinbaku Book SIGNED Koi Fish Karada Kinbaku Charm Red Mask Cat Kinbaku Bank
Lucky Cat Karada Kinbaku Doll Mummy Lady Karada Kinbaku Charm Purple Kimono Bunny Kinbaku Charm Red Mask Cat Kinbaku Doll Rope Master Cat Kinbaku Charm
Rope Master Cat Smiling Kinbaku Doll Statue of Liberty Karada Kinbaku Charm Sumo Wrestler Kinbaku Charm The Little Prince Karada Kinbaku Charm Tiger Lady Bikini Kinbaku Charm

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Nov 15, 2018

Every poster that I could get again is now back in stock for the EU shipping location! Including Shintaro Kago, Suehiro Maruo, Takato Yamamoto, and Trevor Brown. All posters are signed by the artist! These posters are also already in stock at the USA location.

Shintaro Kago poster Pretty Girl Pictures SIGNED Suehiro Maruo Poster Rampo Panorama SIGNED Suehiro Maruo Poster Imo Mushi SIGNED Suehiro Maruo Poster Panorama Toukidan SIGNED Suehiro Maruo Poster New Century SM Pictorial SIGNED
Suehiro Maruo Poster The Inferno In Bottles SIGNED Suehiro Maruo Poster Rose Colored Monster SIGNED Takato Yamamoto Poster Fermentation of a Hermaphrodite SIGNED Takato Yamamoto Poster Eyeball Bug and Roses II SIGNED Takato Yamamoto Poster Horn of a Master of Curses SIGNED
Takato Yamamoto Poster Like a Curtain of Ashes SIGNED Takato Yamamoto Poster Evil Spirit SIGNED Takato Yamamoto Poster Circle SIGNED Trevor Brown poster Medical Play SIGNED  

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