New Em Nishizuka Signed Books and Goods

Just added to AkaTako, two brand new Em Nishizuka art books and restock of two books which have been sold out for a while. All four books are hand SIGNED by the artist! Also new, lots caterpillar goods produced by the artist herself. A new enamel pin, blank notebooks, handkerchiefs, muffler scarves, and even washi masking tape. Quantities are quite small for most of the small goods so they will sell out fast.

Em Nishizuka Strange Dress SIGNED
Strange Dress

24 page SIGNED art book
Em Nishizuka Yellow Drawing SIGNED
Yellow Drawing

12 page SIGNED mini art book
Em Nishizuka Insect Decoration SIGNED
Insect Decoration

28 page SIGNED art book

66 page SIGNED art book!
Em Nishizuka Enamel Pin Caterpillar Lab
Caterpillar Lab

enamel pin
Em Nishizuka Masking Tape
Caterpillar Masking Tape

(choice of 2 colors)
Em Nishizuka Muffler Scarf
Caterpillar Muffler Scarf

(choice of 4 colors)
Em Nishizuka Handkerchief
Microfiber Handkerchief

(choice of 2 colors)
Em Nishizuka Spiral Notebook
Spiral Notebook

(choice of 2 colors)

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