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Jan 5, 2024

Now available on consignment, six original Namio Harukawa drawings! Each includes the original certificate of authenticity and measures approximately 7.8" x 10.24" (19.8 x 26.8cm).

Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 1 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 2 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 3
Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 5 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 6 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 9

Payment is by bank wire transfer only. Click the images for more photos and details.

Nov 26, 2023

On the way to the USA shipping location right now, almost all of the sold out Kitanya Design Factory kinbaku charms and dolls are now back in stock! Many of the kinbaku bunnies were out of stock including the bunny bank. Some highlights of the restock:

White Bunny Kikko Blue Kinbaku Charm White Bunny Kikko Kinbaku Charm White Bunny Pink Karada Kinbaku Charm White Bunny Red Karada Kinbaku Charm
Black Mask Bunny Kinbaku Bank Suspended Bunny Kinbaku Doll Ballerina Bunny Kinbaku Charm Bunny Lady Karada Kinbaku Charm
Brown Bear Kinbaku Charm Flying Heart Kinbaku Charm Shark Kinbaku Charm Turtle Kinbaku Charm

Out of stock items at the EU location will be restocked hopefully by end of year.

Nov 7, 2023

All published in 2023, three new books are available at AkaTako! Two are hand SIGNED by the artist.

"Long Vacation"
Nananano Long Vacation SIGNED

SIGNED 144 pages of Nananano photographs of nude women in a group setting.
Various Artists
"Imaginations from Salome"
Imaginations from Salome

112 pages of classic illustrations and reinterpretations by contemporary artists.
Musubu Nakai
"The Beginning, The End, and The Time Between Them"
Musubu Nakai The Beginning, The End, and The Time Between Them SIGNED
SIGNED 96 pages of the desire for life, the premonition of death, and erotic fantasy in between.

Please click the links above for more details and information.

Oct 29, 2023

Special licensed collaboration project with fourteen different artists is now available for PRE-ORDER! Solid spruce ema is printed with two images by each artist (28 different ema to choose from!). Expected to arrive mid to late November. Full details at each item's description.
** IN STOCK at both USA & EU locations. All pre-orders have shipped!!

Ema wooden plaque is traditionally used to write a wish or prayer (on the reverse) and tied at a Shinto shrine in the hopes that the local gods will see your request. Also used as a souvenir to hang on your wall as a mini artwork, a Christmas ornament, Christmas stocking replacement, front door decoration, etc.

Akiko Ijichi ema:
Akiko Ijichi Ema Wish Plaque
Chika Tanikawa ema:
Chika Tanikawa Ema Wish Plaque
Chika Yamada ema:
Chika Yamada Ema Wish Plaque
Daisuke Ichiba ema:
Daisuke Ichiba Ema Wish Plaque
Eimi Suzuki ema:
Eimi Suzuki Ema Wish Plaque
Em Nishizuka ema:
Em Nishizuka Ema Wish Plaque
Kana Miyamoto ema:
Kana Miyamoto Ema Wish Plaque
Kozue Kuroki ema:
Kozue Kuroki Ema Wish Plaque
Makiko Sugawa ema:
Makiko Sugawa Ema Wish Plaque
Mika Nitta ema:
Mika Nitta Ema Wish Plaque
Suehiro Maruo ema:
Suehiro Maruo Ema Wish Plaque
Takato Yamamoto ema:
Takato Yamamoto Ema Wish Plaque
Tama ema:
Tama Ema Wish Plaque
Yuka Sakuma ema:
Yuka Sakuma Ema Wish Plaque

Oct 24, 2023

Just added, fine art giclée prints by several different artists: Em Nishizuka, Shintaro Kago, Suehiro Maruo, Takato Yamamoto, Tama, and Yuji Moriguchi! Each print is hand SIGNED and NUMBERED by the artist, limited edition of 100 pieces each, thick fine art paper with ultra high definition printing.

There are two sizes - larger prints are 12.95" x 19" (32.9 x 48.3cm) and smaller prints are 9.49" x 12.95" (24.1 x 32.9cm).

Em Nishizuka Giclee Print Eggshell Em Nishizuka Giclee Print Red Landmark Shintaro Kago Giclee Print Game in an Abandoned School Shintaro Kago Giclee Skeleton Kiss 1 Shintaro Kago Giclee Skeleton Kiss 3
Suehiro Maruo Giclee Midori-chan 1 Suehiro Maruo Giclee Midori-chan 2 Suehiro Maruo Giclee Midori-chan 3 Suehiro Maruo Giclee Midori-chan 4 Suehiro Maruo Giclee Midori-chan 5
Suehiro Maruo Giclee Midori-chan 6 Suehiro Maruo Giclee Midori-chan 7 Suehiro Maruo Giclee Midori-chan 8 Suehiro Maruo Giclee Midori-chan 9 Suehiro Maruo Giclee Midori-chan 10
Suehiro Maruo Giclee Print Rose Colored Monster Takato Yamamoto Giclee Print Alice's Nightmare Takato Yamamoto Giclee Print Moonlit Vampire IV Takato Yamamoto Giclee Print Night Mirror VII Takato Yamamoto Giclee Print Touch of Magic
Tama Giclee Print Masochistic Pink Yuji Moriguchi Giclee Print Ennui Afternoon Silence Yuji Moriguchi Giclee Print Forbidden Sanctuary Yuji Moriguchi Giclee Print Friend  

AkaTako has very few pieces of each but any print which sells out WILL be restocked. Just sign up to be notified.

Oct 13, 2023

Now available for PRE-ORDER "Skull's Box" art book! This is the second Takato Yamamoto book published by Geijutsu Shinbunsha - "Vampire's Box" published in 2022 - same format and size. Books will be hand signed by the artist!

There is also a special limited edition set available (PERMANENTLY SOLD OUT) "All Hallows' Eve Set" which includes both books and a SIGNED letterpress print, packaged in a sleek black slip case. Please note that the set includes unsigned books.

Expected to arrive to the USA location around end of October and to the EU location around mid-November. I'll update each item's page with dates as soon as I have them.
* ALL pre-orders have shipped, "Skull's Box" is now in stock!

"Skull's Box"
(now in stock!, published 2023)Takato Yamamoto Skull's Box SIGNED

"Vampire's Box"
(in stock now, published 2022)Takato Yamamoto Vampire's Box SIGNED

"ALL Hallows' Eve" Set
(SOLD OUT, published 2023)Takato Yamamoto All Hallows' Eve Set

Click the images or titles above for more photos and details.

Oct 9, 2023

Now in stock, some items from Katsuya Terada's 2022 exhibition "Tokyo Dragon Girl".

Three different styles of plastic underlay sheet (to prevent marking further pages in your notebook). Also great hanging on a wall!

Katsuya Terada Underlay 1 Katsuya Terada Underlay 2 Katsuya Terada Underlay 3

And a set of clear plastic files (organize and protect your papers in style) and a cotton tote bag.

Katsuya Terada Clear File Set Katsuya Terada Tote Bag

Please click the above for more information.

Sep 13, 2023

Just added, many Suehiro Maruo goods which were made for the July 2023 Tokyo exhibition "Maruo End Expo - Underground Maruo Theater". Items have already arrived to USA, the EU shipping location will received them by end of September.

SIGNED "Underground" manga
Suehiro Maruo Underground SIGNED

Acrylic Keychain
Suehiro Maruo Acrylic Keychain

Body Stickers
Suehiro Maruo Body Stickers

Nail Stickers
Suehiro Maruo Nail Sticker
Blind Choice Pin
Suehiro Maruo Pin Blind Choice

Suehiro Maruo Sticker
Suehiro Maruo Tenugui

Manga Manuscript Set
Suehiro Maruo Manga Manuscript Set

Clear File - Midori
Suehiro Maruo Clear File 1 Midori
Clear File - Tomino Jigoku
Suehiro Maruo Clear File 2 Tomino Jigoku
Clear File - Denki no Teki
Suehiro Maruo Clear File 3 Denki no Teki
Clear File - Edogawa Rampo
Suehiro Maruo Clear File 4 Edogawa Rampo

Please click the images or titles above for more information.