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Dec 20, 2016

Last chance to get these very rare items at a very low price! The owner (items are on consignment at AkaTako) has decided to let them go at a very big discount so don't miss out. Discounts from 55% up to 75% off!

Chronic Art #4 Magazine Nobuyoshi Araki by Taschen Nobuyoshi Araki 5 Chrysalis Hans Bellmer Le Principe de Perversion
Mark Ryden Anima Mundi Trevor Brown Alice Through the Looking Glass Trevor Brown Chthonic Force Mouth Pigs Record Trevor Brown Medical Fun 1st Ed Ltd

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Dec 9, 2016

A few changes have been made to the previously "special order" Hajime Sorayama prints. Instead of having to inquire by email, you can now just add to cart and buy whichever print(s) you'd like! Prints ship free, direct from Tokyo with EMS tracking. You can read detailed info here.

Hajime Sorayama Prints

Free shipping is for the numbered prints only (#5 through #30). Prints must be purchased separately from any other items.

Dec 8, 2016

Just added to AkaTako: two little cutie caterpillar books by Em Nishizuka, one photography/story book by Kenichi Murata, and one book of melancholy girls by Akiko Ijichi. All books are signed by the artist!

Em Nishizuka CHARAS SIGNEDEm Nishizuka Negaposi SIGNEDKenichi Murata Genealogy of the Witch SIGNEDAkiko Ijichi Ilusion SIGNED
Em Nishizuka
Em Nishizuka
Kenichi Murata
Genealogy of the Witch
Akiko Ijichi

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Dec 6, 2016

A little restock of some Shintaro Kago books today! Each book is signed inside the cover by Shintaro Kago.

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Nov 26, 2016

As an extra little special sale this weekend, random items will be super marked down for one hour each. One item, one hour, extreme discount!

Please check AkaTako social media for announcements of each item:

"Pop Sale" prices will run between 3pm and 8pm (five items each day) on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. NYC time. Please log in to get the sale price. Cannot be combined with other discounts.

This page will be continuously edited to show which items are on sale!
Tomomi Hasegawa The Longest Dream (done)
Trevor Brown BOY t-shirt (done)
Midori Hayashi Dream Child (done)
Tama Secret Mode (done)
B-Geeks Vol 4 Introduction to Mad Science (done)

Etsuko Miura Reincarnation Special Edition (done)
Trevor Brown Education Pendant (done)
Fuco Ueda Postcard Set (done)
Suehiro Maruo Print 13 Torture Garden (done)
Kyotaro Kinoko Alice in Mushroom Land (done)

Misaki Saijyo Doll Bride (done)
Asano Tadanobu Poster (done)
Tama Frostbite eyeglass cloth (done)
Hiroshi Nonami Vajra (done)
TH ExtrART File 08 (done)

It's all over! Pop Sales are complete.

Nov 26, 2016


Holiday Sale 2016

And considering how 2016 has been so far, it's not just a Cyber Monday sale this year. It's a Small Business Saturday, a Sure Why Not Sunday, and Cyber Monday rolled into one.

So take 11% (yes, 11!) off most everything for three whole days. Prints, originals, and special order items are not included.

Nov 9, 2016

A handful of original works have just been added! Two paintings by Shintaro Kago, one painting by Takato Yamamoto, and one drawing by Fuco Ueda.

Shintaro Kago Funny Girl Drawing 23 Shintaro Kago Funny Girl Original Painting 38 Takato Yamamoto Warring Land Holocaust Original Painting Fuco Ueda Original Drawing 1

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Nov 8, 2016

Just added, two rare books by Toshio Saeki! A first edition copy of "Akai Hako" printed in 1972 and a limited edition, signed copy of "Gokurakujou" - #4/33.

Toshio Saeki Akai Hako 1st Edition Toshio Saeki Gokurakujou Limited Edition
Toshio Saeki
Akai Hako 1st edition
Toshio Saeki
Gokurakujou limited edition

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