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Oct 9, 2023

Now in stock, some items from Katsuya Terada's 2022 exhibition "Tokyo Dragon Girl".

Three different styles of plastic underlay sheet (to prevent marking further pages in your notebook). Also great hanging on a wall!

Katsuya Terada Underlay 1 Katsuya Terada Underlay 2 Katsuya Terada Underlay 3

And a set of clear plastic files (organize and protect your papers in style) and a cotton tote bag.

Katsuya Terada Clear File Set Katsuya Terada Tote Bag

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Sep 13, 2023

Just added, many Suehiro Maruo goods which were made for the July 2023 Tokyo exhibition "Maruo End Expo - Underground Maruo Theater". Items have already arrived to USA, the EU shipping location will received them by end of September.

SIGNED "Underground" manga
Suehiro Maruo Underground SIGNED

Acrylic Keychain
Suehiro Maruo Acrylic Keychain

Body Stickers
Suehiro Maruo Body Stickers

Nail Stickers
Suehiro Maruo Nail Sticker
Blind Choice Pin
Suehiro Maruo Pin Blind Choice

Suehiro Maruo Sticker
Suehiro Maruo Tenugui

Manga Manuscript Set
Suehiro Maruo Manga Manuscript Set

Clear File - Midori
Suehiro Maruo Clear File 1 Midori
Clear File - Tomino Jigoku
Suehiro Maruo Clear File 2 Tomino Jigoku
Clear File - Denki no Teki
Suehiro Maruo Clear File 3 Denki no Teki
Clear File - Edogawa Rampo
Suehiro Maruo Clear File 4 Edogawa Rampo

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Aug 25, 2023

Just added for PRE-ORDER, Kana Miyamoto's first art book! "Let's Continue Playing House" should arrive early to mid September (check the item page for updates). 96 pages of her lovely and pure girls with a tiny twist of evil. Books will be hand SIGNED by the artist!

Kana Miyamoto Let's Continue Playing House SIGNED Kana Miyamoto Let's Continue Playing House SIGNED

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Aug 18, 2023

** Both books now in stock and additional photos have been added!
Two out of print Takato Yamamoto art books have just been reissued in new editions! First published in 2002, "Altar of Narcissus" was his second art book. First published in 2004, "Allure of Pharmakon" was his third collection of works. Now both books are available with stylish black sleeve and gray fabric book cover. Books are SIGNED inside the cover by the artist.

Both will arrive to AkaTako before the end of August and are available for pre-order now!

Takato Yamamoto Altar of Narcissus Black Takato Yamamoto Allure of Pharmakon Black

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Jul 31, 2023

Hajime Sorayama new artworks collection THE GYNOIDS LUVTRONIX has just been published! This is the ultimate collection of his "Gynoids" (an android with female characteristics) and includes his favorite artworks from the past and a lot of his more recent "sexy robot" artworks. A massive book weighing almost 4.5 pounds (over 2kg), 272 pages of high-definition printing. A true collector's item with this first edition limited to only 1000 pieces. SIGNED by the artist!

Hajime Sorayama The Gynoids Luvtronix SIGNED Hajime Sorayama The Gynoids Luvtronix SIGNED

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Jul 3, 2023

[SALE IS NOW OVER. Thank you!]
Starting today!! Three weeks of sales at akatako on selected items. Each Monday will bring a new announcement of sales (posted here and on all the social medias). All coupons will be valid until July 31. Thank you for your support!

[WEEK 1]

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Chika Tanikawa art

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Ephemeral Territory of Girls Exhibition Catalog

✶ ALL ExtrArt magazines:
ExtrArt Magazines

✶ ALL Kana Miyamoto items: (except original painting)
Kana Miyamoto art

✶ ALL Kenichi Murata items:
Kenichi Murata art

[WEEK 2]

All POSTERS and POSTCARDS are 20% off with coupon code JULY20. (Special order and consignment items are not included.)
✶ALL postcards (some sold individually, some in sets):
Japanese Art Postcards

✶ALL posters (most are signed, some are not):
Japanese Art Posters

[WEEK 3]

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✶ ALL buttons and pins:
AkaTako Sale Buttons and Pins

Shintaro Kago and  Suehiro Maruo licensed t-shirts + a few others:

Shintaro Kago t-shirt Fetus MandalaShintaro Kago t-shirt Kijin GahouSuehiro Maruo t-shirt Midori-chanSuehiro Maruo t-shirt Rotten NightDominatrix Heaven Exhibition t-shirtKira Imai Urbangarde t-shirtTrevor Brown Urbangarde Kekkon Shiki t-shirt

Suehiro Maruo vintage figures:

Suehiro Maruo Shoujo Tsubaki figureSuehiro Maruo Shoujo Tsubaki figure boxedSuehiro Maruo Shoujo Tsubaki sepia figureSuehiro Maruo Leopard Man and Young Detectives figure

Apr 30, 2023

Very pleased to offer for PRE-ORDER eleven different official, licensed artist collaboration scarves! 100% silk 14mm twill, dry clean only, with a hand-rolled hem. They measure about 34.25" x 34.25" (87x87cm) - this may vary a little due to the hand finishing.

[NOW IN STOCK!!] The PRE-ORDER period closed on May 22 and manufacturing has begun. Orders are expected to begin shipping around JUNE 16. I will post regular updates at the bottom of this page!

Chika Yamada Licensed Silk Scarf
Chika Yamada
licensed silk scarf
Daisuke Ichiba Licensed Silk Scarf
Daisuke Ichiba
licensed silk scarf
Em Nishizuka Licensed Silk Scarf
Em Nishizuka
licensed silk scarf
Kana Miyamoto Licensed Silk Scarf
Kana Miyamoto
licensed silk scarf
Makiko Sugawa Licensed Silk Scarf
Makiko Sugawa
licensed silk scarf
Mika Nitta Licensed Silk Scarf
Mika Nitta
licensed silk scarf
Shintaro Kago Licensed Silk Scarf
Shintaro Kago
licensed silk scarf
Suehiro Maruo Licensed Silk Scarf
Suehiro Maruo
licensed silk scarf
Takato Yamamoto Licensed Silk Scarf
Takato Yamamoto
licensed silk scarf
Tama Licensed Silk Scarf
licensed silk scarf
Yuka Sakuma Licensed Silk Scarf
Yuka Sakuma
licensed silk scarf

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May 22
- pre-order period has closed and the final quantity of each scarf has been determined. Order was placed with the manufacturer.
June 12 - Shintaro Kago, Takato Yamamoto, Suehiro Maruo scarves are completed and will ship to AkaTako in 1-2 days.
June 14 - First box (Kago, Yamamoto, Maruo) has shipped to AkaTako USA.
June 16 - Second box (everyone else!) has shipped to AkaTako USA.
June 20 - Second box (all except Kago, Yamamoto, Maruo) has arrived to AkaTako USA.
June 21 - First box (Kago, Yamamoto, Maruo) SCHEDULED to arrive to AkaTako USA.
June 22 - USA has shipped a bunch of the pre-orders, all orders should be done by end of this week!
June 29 - Scarves arrived to EU and all pre-orders are shipped!

Apr 9, 2023

Just added, SIGNED copies of Kanako Tama's new photography book "Honey Magic". This is her third book where she is behind the camera. Her first book "A Yet Unseen Comet" focused more on self-portraits. Her second book "Seven Stars Falling on Skin" focused on intimate portraits of Nananano. And now this book features 11 models expressing eros and innocence with seasonal flowers.

Kanako Tama Honey Magic SIGNED
Kanako Tama
"Honey Magic" - front cover
Kanako Tama Honey Magic SIGNED
Kanako Tama
"Honey Magic" - inside page

SIGNED copies of her previous two books are also available!
"A Yet Unseen Comet"
"Seven Stars Falling on Skin"