Unified Takato Yamamoto Books

A special project by the publisher Pan-Exotica, Takato Yamamoto's beloved books are being reprinted with new, unified black slipcase and gray fabric book covers. The gray fabric has even been manufactured specifically for Pan-Exotica! His 2014 book "Coffin of a Chimera" has just been released as the 5th book in this series. ALL books are in stock and hand SIGNED by the artist!

The new black reprints and the date they were first published:

Takato Yamamoto Altar of Narcissus Black Takato Yamamoto Allure of Pharmakon Black Takato Yamamoto Divertimento for a Martyr Black Takato Yamamoto Rib of a Hermaphrodite Black Takato Yamamoto Coffin of a Chimera Black
"Altar of Narcissus"
"Allure of Pharmakon"
"Divertimento for a Martyr"
"Rib of a Hermaphrodite"
"Coffin of a Chimera"

Please note that in spite of the small color variations shown above, the actual books are all the same exact black color.