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Dec 21, 2018

Just added for purchase, eighteen Namio Harukawa original drawings. Each drawing is SIGNED, measures approximately 8" x 10.8" (20x27.5cm), and ships direct from Tokyo.

Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 103 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 104 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 105 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 106 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 107
Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 108 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 109 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 110 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 111 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 112
Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 113 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 114 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 115 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 116 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 117
Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 118 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 119 Namio Harukawa Original Drawing 120    

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Dec 9, 2018

Twenty-six brand new styles of kinbaku charms by Kitanya Design Factory have just been added! In stock for both USA and EU shipping locations. (Additional images will be added soon for all new charms.)

Astronaut Kinbaku Charm Baboon Kinbaku Charm Brown Bear Kinbaku Charm Elephant Kinbaku Charm French Maid Lady Karada Kinbaku Charm
Frog Kinbaku Charm Gecko Kinbaku Charm Gray House Cat Kinbaku Charm Hedgehog Kinbaku Charm Kangaroo Kinbaku Charm
Lion Kinbaku Charm Mummy Kinbaku Charm Nurse Lady Karada Kinbaku Charm Rooster Kinbaku Charm Santa Lady Kinbaku Charm
Seahorse Kinbaku Charm Shark Kinbaku Charm Shoebill Kinbaku Charm Sloth Kinbaku Charm Snake Kinbaku Charm
Swimmer Lady Karada Kinbaku Charm Tiger Kinbaku Charm Turtle Kinbaku Charm Werewolf Kinbaku Charm White Rabbit Kinbaku Charm
Zombie Lady Kinbaku Charm        

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Dec 7, 2018

Three young Japanese artists were tasked with creating a collection of works on the same theme "Wandering to Dream". Each book is 36 pages long and gives you the unique perspective of Chika Tanikawa, Em Nishizuka, and Mika Nitta. Books are a limited edition of 250 pieces each.

Yume ni Samayou Chika Tanikawa Yume ni Samayou Em Nishizuka Yume ni Samayou Mika Nitta
Yume ni Samayou
Chika Tanikawa
Yume ni Samayou
Em Nishizuka
Yume ni Samayou
Mika Nitta

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Dec 7, 2018

Kenichi Murata's latest photography book "Angel Collection", an out of print 1st edition copy of Junko Mizuno's Hell Babies, and a zippered pouch with Makiko Sugawa's artwork on both sides!

Kenichi Murata Angel Collection SIGNED Junko Mizuno Hell Babies 1st Edition Makiko Sugawa Zippered Pouch
Kenichi Murata
Angel Collection
Junko Mizuno
Hell Babies 1st Ed.
Makiko Sugawa
Zippered Pouch

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Dec 6, 2018

I've found a near perfect copy of Volume 1 of "My Fair Fat Lady" and a book from 1980 that I have never seen before! "Maddening Love" has an amazing collection of Namio Harukawa works in a range of styles (and a wide range of subject matter too).

Namio Harukawa My Fair Fat Lady Vol 1 Namio Harukawa Maddening Love
Namio Harukawa
My Fair Fat Lady Vol 1
Namio Harukawa
Maddening Love

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Dec 5, 2018

Actual photos just added of the new Trevor Brown enamel pins "Asobimasho 2001" and "Seppuku". Pins are in stock in both USA and EU shipping locations. Officially licensed by Trevor Brown.

Trevor Brown Enamel Pin Asobimasho / Seppuku Trevor Brown Enamel Pin Asobimasho Trevor Brown Enamel Pin Seppuku

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Dec 1, 2018

A new artist to AkaTako! I met Chika Yamada in Tokyo and was drawn to her big blue schoolgirls surveying the world around them. Sometimes they dominate their surroundings and sometimes they are overwhelmed by them. I hope you like her works as much as I do!

Artist produced book, signed with a small original drawing:

Chika Yamada Hyou Hyou SIGNED Chika Yamada Hyou Hyou inside pages

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Nov 27, 2018

Now available, lots of new pins, stickers, postcards, and a 2019 calendar featuring The cute and sometimes twisted watercolor art of Tama.

Large Buttons      
Tama End of the World x-large pin Tama Hidden Ruler x-large pin Tama Into the Abyss x-large pin Tama Lager x-large pin
Tama Lidocaine Drop x-large pin Tama Nothing But Sadness x-large pin Tama Secret Mode x-large pin Tama x-large pin
Small Buttons    
Tama Don't Miss the Season pin Tama Fragile Heart pin Tama Melty Lolita pin Tama Misfortune Isn't So Bad pin
Tama Please Choose Me pin Tama Rosy Noon pin Tama Seeing Is Believing pin  
Tama Postcard Group 1 Tama Postcard Group 2 Tama Postcard Group 3
Single Stickers    
Tama Single Sticker Group 1 Tama Single Sticker Group 2 Tama Single Sticker Group 3 Tama Single Sticker Group 4
Sticker Sets      
Tama Sticker Set Group 1 Tama Sticker Set Group 2 Tama Sticker Set Group 3 Tama Sticker Set Group 4 Tama Sticker Set Group 5

Tama 2019 Calendar
Tama 2019 Calendar