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Unicorns in the Box Print Set

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Print set that serves as the exhibition catalog for the "Girl Fantasy" exhibition in Tokyo, Japan (2011). Includes thirty unsigned prints (full list below).

Set is packaged in a cardboard sleeve for easy storage in a bookcase. Includes a title card, a vellum list of all artists, work titles, years, and measurements (Japanese only), and an exhibition flyer. Very nice quality - each print is suitable for framing.

Cardboard sleeve measures approximately 8.5" x 12" x .675" (21.5 x 30.4 x 1.6cm). Each print measures 8.25" x 11.675" (21 x 29.6cm).

Condition: Near new. Cardboard sleeve has a couple tiny imperfections. Otherwise excellent!

1 Shinji Asano 浅野信二16 Tama たま
2 Keiko Ajito 味戸ケイコ17 Trevor Brown トレヴァー・ブラウン
3 Itsuko Azuma 東逸子18 Toru Nogawa
4 Akiko Ijichi イヂチアキコ19 Hiroshi Nakamura 中村宏
5 Junji Ito 伊藤潤二20 Kyoudai Nishioka 西岡千晶
6 Aquirax Uno 宇野亜喜良21 Naoko Nomura 野村直子
7 Yoko Otomo 大友暢子22 Yuko Fukase 深瀬優子
8 Os23 Yoshiaki Machino 町野好昭
9 Kuniyoshi Kaneko 金子國義24 Suehiro Maruo 丸尾末広
10 Takashi Kitami 北見隆25 Ado Mizumori 水森亜土
11 Hajime Sawatari 沢渡朔26 Vidoku Murasawa 村澤美独
12 Ayaka Shinjo 真条彩華27 Yuji Moriguchi 森口裕二
13 Minae Takada 高田美苗28 Jin Yamamoto 山本じん
14 Yousuke Takahashi 高橋葉介29 Takato Yamamoto 山本タカト
15 Shuji Tateishi 建石修志30 Yuriko Yamayoshi 山吉由利子