Fuco Ueda Postcard Set

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Set of six (6) Fuco Ueda postcards in a tri-fold card. Each postcard features a Japanese girl or two, usually in school uniform. Measures 6.5" x 4.75" each. Brand new in plastic - never opened.

"Lesson" - a blindfolded girl with old fashioned record players who seems to be seeking out the girls who are hiding from her (2003).

"Home Party" - two red haired girls who are eating the antlers of a deer - both of the girls are wearing fur shawls (2004).

"Gogo no Kioku" - one girl sitting on an antique chair with an octopus wrapped around her legs while her friend (who wears a blue bird's head) pours water out of a pitcher onto the octopus (2004).

"Kiku Sekku no Koro" - two girls in a chrysanthemum garden trying out tomato stakes on each other (2003).

"Itumo Issyo" - a deer with steaks on his antlers, with a girl who seems to be consoling him (2004).

"Ituka Mita Yume" - a girl with a hula hoop spitting water out of her mouth onto an eel with a lovely black ribbon belt as well as a black cat hiding behind her ankles (2004).