Tama Pin SM Ame Iro Romance Group

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Your choice of four buttons / badges featuring a detail of Tama's artwork printed in her "Ame Iro Romance" book. Measures approximately 1.25" (3.2cm) in diameter. Pin back.

Pin 1: Amrita
Sparkling purple roses rest in the blue and yellow hair of a girl wearing a lovely necklace.
Pin 2: Loose Despair
A girl with purple hair and rosy cheeks is laying down and is surrounded by pink and white flowers. A large snail climbs up her left side.
Pin 3: Milky Way
A girl with braided blonde hair tied with white ribbons holds a pair of scissors in her hands. The night is dark and sparkling behind her.
Pin 4: Longing Energy
A blonde girl with a frilly pink dress and bonnet holds bandaged hands to her face. One of her eyes is covered by a large patch with a heart in the center.

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