New ExtrART Magazines

Just added, five issues of ExtrART Magazine. Published by the same company as the "Talking Heads" art magazine series, ExtrART is like the little sister with fewer (but much larger) pages, far more images and photos, and way less talk (which can be a little difficult when it's 100% Japanese). With ExtrART, you can be visually introduced to many new artists and also see what is currently happening in the Japan art scene thanks to photographs of current exhibitions.

ExtrART file.20 Yuka Sakuma front cover
ExtrART file.20
"Crawling Through the
Land of Illusions"
ExtrART file.24 Fuco Ueda front cover
ExtrART file.24
"A Glimpse of the
Profound Mystery"
ExtrART file.28 Akiko Ijichi front cover
ExtrART file.28
"Dream Song for a Girl"
ExtrART file.29 Yoshitoshi Kanemaki front cover
ExtrART file.29
"Seeing / Different
Perspectives of Sight"
ExtrART file.30 Kana Miyamoto front cover
ExtrART file.30
"Labyrinth of Swaying
Mental Image"

Click the cover images above to see some inside pages and read a lot more details.