Kitanya Design Info

Kitanya Design Factory is based in Tokyo, Japan, and makes cell phone charm straps, pins, and other goods that are based on Japanese rope bondage - Kinbaku.

Kitanya Artist SignatureEach charm is handmade by a single individual, Hirotsugu Itsuji. They are all hand painted, hand tied, and dipped in a clear coat for extra durability. Each charm is signed on the back side with the initials of the artist "H" and "I" overlapping each other (see photo and inset).

Even though they are very cute, these charms are NOT toys. They are not meant for children. It is not recommended to pull on the strings (either tying the figure up or the cell phone strap part). They contain small parts and are a choking hazard.

Because each charm is entirely handmade you should expect there to be some minor differences from piece to piece. If you prefer carbon copy items that are churned out by machines please look elsewhere.

When a charm style is sold out you can add your name to the wait list. As charms are restocked people will be notified in the order of the wait list and given the opportunity to purchase. After notification of availability you will have one week to make the purchase before the next person on the list is given the chance.

If you have ANY questions please send us a message!

More Examples of Cuteness!

Hanging on a Purse Strap
Kinbaku Charm on Purse Strap
Kinbaku Charm on Cell Phone
Kinbaku Charm on Cell Phone
Kinbaku Charm as Zipper Pull
Kinbaku Charm as Zipper Pull
Kitanya Design Kinbaku Charm Earrings
Kinbaku Charm Earrings