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Fuyuko Matsui Information

松井冬子 Fuyuko Matsui Photo「まついふゆこ」

Classically trained nihonga artist Fuyuko Matsui brings a sense of darkness and mystery to her paintings. She uses her meticulous painting technique to draw you in to visceral scenes of fear, worry, loneliness, pain and death.

Fuyuko Matsui Artwork Library
- Explore Fuyuko Matsui's artwork - including thumbnails of her artwork, sizes, dates, lists of publications, and more.

Fuyuko Matsui CV
- Biographical information about Fuyuko Matsui - including education, exhibitions, publications, professional milestones, and more.

Fuyuko Matsui article 1
- Article on Fuyuko Matsui in The Japan Times by Donald Eubank from January 31, 2008.

Fuyuko Matsui article 2
- Article on Fuyuko Matsui in TIME Magazine by Bryan Walsh from July 5, 2007.

Fuyuko Matsui's website

Fuyuko Matsui on AkaTako
Books, postcards, magazines, and other goods featuring the artwork of Fuyuko Matsui for sale on AkaTako.