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Etsuko Miura CV

2000Gave her first solo exhibition at Design Festa Gallery (Harajuku)
2001Solo exhibition at Gambetta (Meguro)
2002Duo exhibition at Galerie le Deco (Shibuya)
2003Solo exhibition at Galerie le Deco (Shibuya)
Published the Etsuko Miura Doll Anthology (Gishin Shojo)
2004Participated in the "Dolls of Innocence" at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
July - Solo exhibition at Maria Cuore (Shibuya)
December - Solo exhibition at Maria Cuore (Shibuya)
2005Solo exhibition at Higure 17-15cas (Nippori)
Box postcard collection "Specimen Room of Gishin"
Solo exhibition at Galleria Amica (Nagoya)
2006Solo exhibition at Higure 17-15cas (Nippori)
Published the "Doll Bride of Frankenstein" anthology