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Shichinohe Masaru CV


1959Born in Aomori prefecture
1981Graduated from the Musashino University department of architecture
 3 year interval as company employee, living life, behind, free illustrator
1994Group exhibition "Neo-classics" 「ネオクラシックス」 at HB Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1995First one man exhibition "Physics Discussion" 「物理学談義」 at HB Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
After this, almost yearly one man exhibitions
1995First prize at ARTBOX, Tokyo, Japan
1996-1998Philip Morris art award finalist
1999Work used in an experimental film by Tezuka Makoto 「手塚真」
2000Group exhibition "Eye" 「眼展」 at Aoki Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2001Group exhibition "Boy Without 't'" 「‘t’を持たない少年」 at Aoki Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Publication of "Campanella" book 「カンパネルラ」
2002Group exhibition "Converging Parallel Lines" 「収束する平行線」 at Aoki Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Publication of "Box Boy" book 「箱少年」
2003Group exhibition "Marvelous Tales" at Bunkamura Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2004Exhibition "Platonic" 「プラトニック」 at Aoki Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2005Group exhibition "A Tiny Andersen in Pinpoint: 100 Illustrator's Exhibition" at Pinpoint Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Group exhibition "New Year's Exhibition: Drawin' about Love Story [PART 1]" at Gallery EF, Tokyo, Japan
Publication of "Oishasan Gokko" book 「オイシャサン ゴッコ」
2006Group exhibition "Gwanghwamun International Art Festival" in Seoul, South Korea
2007Exhibition "Dark-haired Cinderella" at Aoki Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2009Exhibition "Beginning with a Comely, Innocent Lady" 「美しきいとけなき婦人に始ま」 at Aoki Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

Source: translated from text in Shichinohe Masaru's books and a lot of Googling.