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Check your spam folder! Many email programs (especially Gmail and Hotmail) automatically mark emails as spam and send it to your spam folder. If you don't see the email in your spam folder or if there's just too much to look through please email info [at] akatako [dot] net directly AND add the email address to your address book.

Any and all emails are usually responded to within 48 hours.

As a last resort, email @ OR contact via the facebook page:

It's Japanese: Aka = red & Tako = octopus. is designed and maintained by the owner. It is hosted by Gachi Sites (who I do part time freelance work for).

All of the artwork is watermarked because it is actually illegal to reproduce the images electronically. As an authorized reseller, I wish to show people what they are buying but putting copies of books and artwork on the internet actually goes against copyright law. Adding a watermark prevents people from printing out the artwork but still allows them to preview what they are purchasing.

If you wish to view the artworks without the watermark, please purchase the book/artwork. There are no watermarks in real life. ^_^

Product Info

Yes! works directly with artists and galleries in Japan to bring you original works of art. Many of them have been reproduced as prints, posters, and in books but any item listed as an "original" is a one of a kind original created by the artist themselves.

If any item says "signed" that means that the artist themselves signed it by hand. I will never list a stamped or mechanically printed signature as "signed".

It is always possible to request! Just send an email to info [at] akatako [dot] net with the name of the artist you like and a brief description of what you are hoping for. will get in touch with the artist or their agent and let you know if it is possible and what the cost would be.

All items listed on AkaTako are in brand new, perfect condition unless otherwise stated. If an item is used, slightly damaged, or less than perfect the condition will always be explicitly described in the description.

Most of the items are purchased from galleries or publishers located in Japan. Some items are purchased directly from the artists themselves.


If your package has tracking available you will receive the tracking number in an automated email at the time your package is shipped. Please remember to check your email's spam folder if you don't receive it. Please email info [at] akatako [dot] net if it has been more than 48 hours since you placed your order and you have not received the tracking number.

U.S. orders are always shipped with delivery confirmation.
Only international orders that are shipped with priority mail can be tracked. "Regular mail" does not provide tracking.

Please take a look at the shipping page for a detailed explanation.

Packages are usually shipped within 3 business days (excludes holidays and weekends).

This has not happened yet but if it ever does you will need to return the wrong item (AkaTako will pay for shipping it back). The correct item will be sent to you!

If you chose to ship your package with insurance, just email info [at] akatako [dot] net describing the condition of the package. Please don't throw anything away! I will put in a claim with insurance on your behalf and either refund the price of the item OR replace the item based on your preference.

If you did not ship with insurance there is not much that can be done. packages items very carefully but if the post is horribly abusive to the package sometimes it cannot be helped. If you are concerned about damage please pick a shipping option that includes insurance.

If you purchase from the USA shipping location, any shipments going to a U.S. address will not be charged VAT/import tax. It is likely that shipments to Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America will be charged an import tax.

If you purchase from the EU shipping location and you are shipping to an address inside the European Union, there is no customs declaration required and you would not be charged VAT/import tax. If your country is not inside the European Economic Zone (such as Switzerland, Norway, North & South America, Asia, Africa, etc.), it is likely that you will be charged a VAT/import tax.

AkaTako does NOT pay the VAT/import taxes for you in advance. It is up to you to know your laws and to pay the fees.

Because the VAT/import taxes vary for each country, please search for your country to find out if you may be charged. Some countries do not charge for items under $30 while some place the limit at $100. Some countries charge smaller percentages, etc.

In general, AkaTako will provide invoices on the outside of the package for "Expedited Shipping" shipments or purchases over $100. If you require invoices please request them in the "Order comments" section.

Unfortunately, the US postal service has significantly increased their international rates. The good news is that the rates are actually lower when you buy more items - the heavier the package, the better the rate. You can always email info [at] akatako [dot] net if you'd like a personalized shipping quote.


No. All sales are final. Most of the items on AkaTako are rare and many are one of a kind. If you are unsure of your purchase or have questions, please send an email to info [at] akatako [dot] net for advice before you purchase.

The condition of each item is carefully described (if it is not brand new). Please read the item's description and feel free to email if you have questions or want detailed close-up photos before purchasing.

If you return an order or item without authorization, your refund will be subject to a minimum 15% restocking fee. This fee covers loss of payment processing fees, loss of time preparing your parcel, etc. The restocking fee might be increased at the akatako's discretion if the item comes back in anything other than the same exact condition in which it was sent.

An item which is available on back order means that AkaTako has run out of stock but already placed a re-order with the publisher/manufacturer. If you order a back order item, it is reserved for you and will ship to you as soon as it arrives to AkaTako (the approximate arrival date should be listed in the beginning of the description).

Please note that if you buy a combination of back order and in stock items, your entire order will wait to ship in one parcel after the back order item arrives. If you don't want to wait, please place separate orders for back order items (which wait to ship) and in stock items (which can ship right away).

An item which is available for pre-order means that AkaTako has already ordered the item and has a ship date but the item is not yet in AkaTako's hands. If you order a pre-order item, it is reserved for you and will ship to you as soon as it arrives to AkaTako (the date should be listed in the beginning of the description). Sometimes a pre-order item sells out before it even arrives to AkaTako!

Please note that if you buy a combination of back order and in stock items, your entire order will wait to ship in one parcel after the back order item arrives. If you don't want to wait, please place separate orders for back order items (which wait to ship) and in stock items (which can ship right away).

If the item is temporarily sold out, just click "Notify Me" (button at top right) to be added to a wait list. You'll be notified when it's back in stock and have the opportunity to buy it before it is even back on the website.

If the item is permanently sold out, you can still click to be notified but it is unlikely that it will ever be available again. IF it becomes available again you will be notified via email.

"Notify Me" requests are always confirmed via email that I have received your request. Please be sure to check your spam email AND add info [at] akatako [dot] net to your address book so that you receive notifications.

At this time, there is not a physical location that you can visit to browse the items.

Probably. AkaTako will certainly try! Just send an email to info [at] akatako [dot] net with a description of what you are looking for. If I can find it, I'll send you an email with a price/description. If I am unable to find it I will keep your email address and let you know if I find it in the future.

Your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express card can be entered directly during checkout. Payments are processed by and no credit card information is retained by

You can use your PayPal account to pay with your bank account or any credit card, PayPal can be used without an account to pay with a credit card.

Higher priced items can be paid for by bank transfer or wire, please email info [at] akatako [dot] net for details.

U.S. clients may pay by check, money order, or a direct deposit to Citibank. Email info [at] akatako [dot] net with the list of items you are interested in.

The checkout page has a spot to put your shipping address and your billing address. The billing address is sent to PayPal for verification purposes (it's not possible to send both). will always ship your order to the shipping address that you type into the checkout form.

Yes you can! Just add your item(s) to cart, enter your shipping and billing addresses, calculate and choose your shipping method, then review the order. You'll continue to PayPal to make your payment:

PayPal Checkout

If you don't have a PayPal account, simply click the gray "Create an Account" button. It will take you to a new page for guest checkout:

PayPal Guest Checkout

Verify that the fields have been filled in correctly with info sent over from AkaTako. PayPal will send you a payment confirmation to the email you provide. And also invite you to create an account.... But of course you don't have to do so.

AkaTako is based in the USA so all prices are shown in US Dollars.
If your bank or credit card is not in US $, you may be charged a currency conversion fee by your financial institution. AkaTako has no control over this. Please check with your bank or credit card before purchasing.

There is no need to create an account. It is not required to have an account to make a purchase. Just add items to your shopping cart and follow the check out process to send your payment. After your order is submitted, you will receive emails with your order details and also with your new account information telling you how to log in. If you don't receive those emails, please contact AkaTako for help.