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Mar 21, 2023

Not quite yet published but coming very soon!! I received preview images a little while ago and the order has been placed - I am not 100% sure the cover is going to look exactly like this but interior pages will be correct. ^_^

** Available for PRE-ORDER with expected arrival to USA at the very beginning of April. EU will receive a little while later in mid or possibly later April. **
Over 330 pages of hardcore rope bondage and torture, "KINBAKU The Golden Age of Japanese Restrained & Tortured Artworks" includes artworks from NINE artists! Kou Minomura, Yoko Ozuma, Yoji Muku, Ran Akiyoshi, Hajime Sorayama, Hiroaki Samura, Shoji Oki, Gengoroh Tagame, and Miyabi Kyodo. Book is the same size as the recent Namio Harukawa books "Incredible Femdom Art" and "Facesittings are Forever" as well as Gekko Hayashi "Boys Love" book.

ADULTS ONLY!!!! This is not a book about tenderness, love, and gentle play.

Kinbaku Golden Age PRE-ORDER Kinbaku Golden Age inside pages
Kinbaku Golden Age inside pages

Item description (and this post) will be updated once I have better information.

Feb 13, 2023

[SALE IS FINISHED. Coupon code is no longer valid. Thank you!]
Why? Because I love you! All pins, buttons, badges, AND all postcards are on sale for this week only (February 13 - 17).
♥ Take 14% off with coupon code BCUZILUVU and save a little more (even on items that are already discounted). ♥

Tama pin SM Ame Iro Romance GroupTama Pin SM Fallen Princess Group
Tama Pin SM Lost Garden Group
Tama Pin SM Rose - Lidocaine Group
Tama Pin SM Secret Mode Group
Tama Pin XL Calling Group
Tama Pin XL Fallen Princess Group
Tama Pin XL Lidocaine Drop Group
Tama Pin XL Nighttime Flight Group

Tama Pin LG Oleander


Images above are just a selection of what is on sale. Please be sure to check out the full listing of PINS and POSTCARDS that are on sale with this coupon.
I'll update this page again when the coupon is dead!

Jan 23, 2023

Just added, many items produced by Eimi Suzuki herself! Each items features one of her digital or painted collages of classical artworks put together in a new and inventive way with a touch of the macabre. Signed copies of her art book "Anatomie de l'Art Insolite d'Eimi Suzuki" are also available.

Eimi Suzuki Card Case
Card Case (4 choices)
Eimi Suzuki Handkerchief Group 1
Handkerchief (4 choices)
Eimi Suzuki Handkerchief Group 2
Handkerchief (4 choices)
Eimi Suzuki Tote Bag
Tote Bag
Eimi Suzuki Zippered Pouch
Zippered Pouch

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Jan 4, 2023

Just added to AkaTako, two brand new Em Nishizuka art books and restock of two books which have been sold out for a while. All four books are hand SIGNED by the artist! Also new, lots caterpillar goods produced by the artist herself. A new enamel pin, blank notebooks, handkerchiefs, muffler scarves, and even washi masking tape. Quantities are quite small for most of the small goods so they will sell out fast.

Em Nishizuka Strange Dress SIGNED
Strange Dress

24 page SIGNED art book
Em Nishizuka Yellow Drawing SIGNED
Yellow Drawing

12 page SIGNED mini art book
Em Nishizuka Insect Decoration SIGNED
Insect Decoration

28 page SIGNED art book

66 page SIGNED art book!
Em Nishizuka Enamel Pin Caterpillar Lab
Caterpillar Lab

enamel pin
Em Nishizuka Masking Tape
Caterpillar Masking Tape

(choice of 2 colors)
Em Nishizuka Muffler Scarf
Caterpillar Muffler Scarf

(choice of 4 colors)
Em Nishizuka Handkerchief
Microfiber Handkerchief

(choice of 2 colors)
Em Nishizuka Spiral Notebook
Spiral Notebook

(choice of 2 colors)

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Dec 30, 2022

Recently published in Japan, AkaTako has a big box of SIGNED copies of Takato Yamamoto's newest book VAMPIRE'S BOX on the way right now! Square book is 240 pages and includes his vampire artworks - both old and new. There's also Japanese text written by the artist himself PLUS English translation.

PRE-ORDER book should arrive to USA shipping location early January, and to EU shipping location in mid to late January.
*** All pre-ordered quantities have sold out!! A new order will be placed. Please check back for new pre-order quantities and dates around January 10.

Takato Yamamoto Vampire's Box SIGNED

Click the image above for more details.

Dec 1, 2022


Very pleased to offer for PRE-ORDER six different official, licensed artist collaboration scarves! Each one is double sided with different art on each side!! 100% cotton OEKO-TEX®, machine wash and dry, about 7.88" x 67" (20 x 170cm). ARRIVAL is expected at end of December - these will NOT arrive in time for Christmas.

Chika Yamada Cotton Scarf
CHIKA YAMADA cotton scarf
(side 1)
Chika Yamada Cotton Scarf
CHIKA YAMADA cotton scarf
(side 2)
Em Nishizuka Cotton Scarf
EM NISHIZUKA cotton scarf
(side 1)
Em Nishizuka Cotton Scarf
EM NISHIZUKA cotton scarf
(side 2)
Makiko Sugawa Cotton Scarf
MAKIKO SUGAWA cotton scarf
(side 1)
Makiko Sugawa Cotton Scarf
MAKIKO SUGAWA cotton scarf
(side 2)
Shintaro Kago Cotton Scarf
SHINTARO KAGO cotton scarf
(side 1)
Shintaro Kago Cotton Scarf
SHINTARO KAGO cotton scarf
(side 2)
Suehiro Maruo Cotton Scarf
SUEHIRO MARUO cotton scarf
(side 1)
Suehiro Maruo Cotton Scarf
SUEHIRO MARUO cotton scarf
(side 2)
Tama Cotton Scarf
TAMA cotton scarf
(side 1)
Tama Cotton Scarf
TAMA cotton scarf
(side 2)

Click the images or titles above for more photos and details.

[DONE] Nov 25 2022 All six scarves have been ordered for production.
[DONE] Dec 23 2022 Suehiro Maruo knit fabric shipped to AkaTako EU location.
[DONE] Dec 27 2022 AkaTako EU is cutting and sewing Suehiro Maruo fabric into final scarves.
[DONE] Dec 29 2022 Suehiro Maruo scarves are on the way to AkaTako USA location.
[DONE] Jan 02 2023 100% of EU pre-orders for Suehiro Maruo scarves have been shipped!
[DONE] Jan 02 2023 Shintaro Kago & Em Nishizuka knit fabric shipped to AkaTako EU location.
[DONE] Jan 05 2023 Last three scarves knit fabric shipped to EU location.
[DONE] Jan 05 2023 AkaTako EU is cutting and sewing Shintaro Kago & Em Nishizuka fabric into final scarves.
[DONE] Jan 07 2023 AkaTako EU is cutting and sewing last three scarves' fabric into final scarves.
[DONE] Jan 09 2023 AkaTako USA received Suehiro Maruo scarves! Pre-orders are being shipped now.
[DONE] Jan 10 2023 All 5 remaining scarves are on the way to AkaTako USA location.
[DONE] Jan 12 2023 EU has shipped 38% of remaining pre-orders - 95% will be shipped tomorrow.
[DONE] Jan 13 2023 USA has shipped ALL Suehiro Maruo pre-orders.
[DONE] Jan 16 2023 EU has shipped ALL pre-orders and all scarves are now in stock.
[DONE] Jan 20 2023 all remaning scarves arrived to USA and 30% of pre-orders have shipped.
[DONE] Jan 21 2023 100% of USA orders (and EU orders) have shiped!! Scarves now in stock. :)

- Why are they arriving later than expected?
The knit fabric manufacturer originally said before Christmas. I added some time for the sewing and estimated end of December. Unfortunately the manufacturer has been very busy and so the arrival was delayed.

- Why does it take so long for AkaTako to sew them?
It is a ten step process. Each scarf takes me about one hour to sew.

- What are the ten steps?
Cut the knit fabric in half, cut the leftover threads off, pin the fabric folded in half, sew the fabric into a tube, turn the tube right side out, pin the tube flat and in the correct shape, top stitch all the way around, steam the scarf very thoroughly to achieve rectangular shape, dry overnight, package into plastic sleeve with care instructions.

- Are you going to make this type of scarf again?
No. No way. I love these scarves and I am very happy with them but the amount of time required to finish them is not remotely cost effective. Please enjoy them while they are available. :)

Nov 25, 2022

Fill your Christmas stockings with AkaTako this year! All stocking stuffer sized items are 15% off with coupon code STUFFIT !
Coupon is good for items including:

Cell Phone CharmsClown Karada Kinbaku Charm
Santa Lady Kinbaku Charm
Black Mask Bunny Karada Kinbaku CharmFlying Heart Kinbaku Charm
White Bunny Kikko Blue Kinbaku Charm
Tights & SocksAquirax Uno Higuchi SocksHajime Kinoko Shibari Bondage Socks BlueHajime Kinoko Shibari Bondage Tights BlackYoh Monochrome Aquarium tightsHajime Kinoko Shibari Bondage Tights Pink
DollsBlack Mask Bunny Kinbaku Doll
Lucky Cat Karada Kinbaku Doll
Suehiro Maruo Shoujo Tsubaki figure
Suspended Bunny Kinbaku Doll
Rope Master Cat Smiling Kinbaku Doll
StickersShintaro Kago Sticker Fetus Mandala
Kira Imai Sticker Group 4
 Kana Miyamoto Sticker SheetTama Single Sticker Group 4
Tama Sticker Set Group 5
ButtonsSuehiro Maruo Midori Pin Set 2Kana Miyamoto Pin Group 3Tama Pin XL Secret Mode GroupSuehiro Maruo Shoujo Tsubaki Pin LG Group 2Kira Imai Gekko Shojo Pin
Enamel PinsSuehiro Maruo Enamel Pin Manga
Toshio Saeki Enamel Pins
Em Nishizuka Enamel Pins
Shintaro Kago Enamel Pin Cats
Tama Enamel Pin
PostcardsKira Imai Postcard Group 2Takato Yamamoto Postcard Set 5 Tale of a Castle KeepKozue Kuroki Postcard SetTama Postcard Group 1Tsutomu Kawakami Postcard Set
KeychainsKana Miyamoto Acrylic Keychains 2
Tama Acrylic Stand Play Nurses
Kira Imai Acrylic Keychain Halloween
Kana Miyamoto Acrylic Keychains
Tama Acrylic Keychains
T-ShirtsDominatrix Heaven Exhibition t-shirtKatsuya Terada t-shirt Ojiichan GreenShintaro Kago t-shirt Fetus MandalaSuehiro Maruo t-shirt Rotten NightTama t-shirt Hollow Eyes
BagsKana Miyamoto Tote BagMakiko Sugawa Tote BagKatsuya Terada Tote Bag OjiichanSuehiro Maruo Midori-chan Tote BagTakato Yamamoto Pouch Erotica
Clear FilesChika Yamada Clear File Medium
Makiko Sugawa Clear File
Koh Ueno Urbangarde Clear File Set
Takato Yamamoto Clear File Nosferatu - JoyTakato Yamamoto Clear File Nosferatu - Red Sheets

[Sale does not include larger items like books, magazines, original artworks, posters, and prints.]

Nov 11, 2022

Just added to both USA and EU shipping locations, four new DINOSAUR kinbaku charms hand made by Kitanya Design Factory. Each one is hand tied with red "rope", clear yellow eyes, and a lobster claw clasp so you can easily attach to anything you like.

Dinosaur Brontosaurus Kinbaku Charm
Brontosaurus Kinbaku Charm
Dinosaur Stegosaurus Kinbaku Charm
Stegosaurus Kinbaku Charm
Dinosaur T-Rex Kinbaku Charm
T-Rex Kinbaku Charm
Dinosaur Triceratops Kinbaku Charm
Triceratops Kinbaku Charm

Plus one new (non-dinosaur) kinbaku charm just added - Black Otter Rex Rabbit!
Black Otter Rex Rabbit Kinbaku Charm

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