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Sep 18, 2022

Now in stock, the full series of fairy tales for grown ups - "Dark Fairy Tale - Visual Book"! All five volumes and a collaboration between one illustrator and artist/story teller Noboru Moai. Each book is hand SIGNED inside the cover, 64 pages, 100% Japanese text, with 14 full color artworks in each volume.
In order of publication:

Kozue Kuroki One-Legged Clown SIGNED
Kozue Kuroki
"One-Legged Clown"
Tama Nighttime Dream Flight SIGNED
"Nighttime Dream Flight"
Tsubaki Torii Woman in the Blue Dress SIGNED
Tsubaki Torii
"Woman in the Blue Dress"
Makiko Sugawa Sweet Room SIGNED
Makiko Sugawa
"Sweet Room"
Yuko Fukase Soft Marble SIGNED
Yuko Fukase
"Soft Marble"

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Aug 1, 2022

Very pleased to have a few original paintings by Kana Miyamoto on offer! All five of these artworks are currently located in Japan and are available as a special collaboration between the artist and AkaTako. Inquire for a shipping quote and the painting will ship directly to you. Click the images or titles below for exact details and more images:

Kana Miyamoto Painting I Go Back and Forth Between Liking and Disliking
"I Go Back and Forth Between
Liking and Disliking"
original painting
Kana Miyamoto Painting I've Been Staring at You
"I've Been Staring at You"
original painting
Kana Miyamoto Painting My Baby
"My Baby"
original painting
Kana Miyamoto Painting Eat Me

"Eat Me"
original painting

Kana Miyamoto Painting What Happened After School
"What Happened After School"
original painting

Also just added, three new styles of postcards and two new acrylic keychains. All of these smaller items are in stock at both USA and EU shipping locations:

Kana Miyamoto Postcard Group 10

Kana Miyamoto
New Postcards

Kana Miyamoto Acrylic Keychains
Kana Miyamoto
Acrylic Keychains

Jul 1, 2022

Just added, the latest volume collecting the drawings for SM Selecto magazine by eroguro master Toshio Saeki. "Fiévres Nocturnes" (Night Fevers" covers just under two years (1972-1974) and includes hundreds of full color artworks! The first volume, "Rêve écarlate" (Scarlet Dream) is now officially out of print and will not be restocked. (Same for "Red Box" book!) Both of those books are planned to be reprinted in a second edition when the third volume of SM Selecto artworks is released - so, in a couple years. A total of five volumes are planned!

Toshio Saeki Fievres Nocturnes
Toshio Saeki
Fievres Nocturnes
(front cover)
Toshio Saeki Fievres Nocturnes
Toshio Saeki
Fievres Nocturnes
(inside page)

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Jun 30, 2022

SIGNED copies of Akiko Ijichi's second book "Dignity" is now in stock at both USA and EU shipping locations. And a new artist to AkaTako, Eimi Suzuki's brand new book "Anatomie de l'Art Insolite d'Eimi Suzuki" has already arrived to USA and should arrive to EU about mid-July. Book is also hand SIGNED by the artist.

Akiko Ijichi Dignity SIGNED
Akiko Ijichi
Anatomie de l'Art Insolite d'Eimi Suzuki SIGNED
Anatomie de l'Art Insolite
d'Eimi Suzuki

Please click the images or titles above to see inside pages and book details.

Jun 20, 2022

Now available for PRE-ORDER, two brand new larger size B2 posters by Shintaro Kago! These are both akatako exclusives and individually SIGNED by the artist. Additional photos will be added after arrival. Printed in Japan!
* Posters will arrive to the USA location first (around June 24) and will be sent on to the EU location (arriving around July 15).
** [Posters now in stock at both shipping locations. Actual photos added!]

Shintaro Kago poster Pipeline Mandala SIGNED
Shintaro Kago
Shintaro Kago poster Scale SIGNED
Shintaro Kago
SCALE poster

"Pipeline Mandala" is previously unpublished as far as I am aware. "Scale" was recently printed in ARTBOOK (2nd edition).

Also available and already in stock at both the USA and EU shipping locations, Shintaro Kago's TIGER poster. This one is the larger, B2 size as well (20.25" x 28.675" / 51.5cm x 72.8cm), hand signed by the artist as shown in the photo. Printed in Japan too!
Shintaro Kago Poster Tiger SIGNED

May 31, 2022

Last year's "Creation Project 2021" produced heavyweight yet soft cotton work aprons on weaving looms that are over 100 years old! Made for durability, each apron has a single pocket and a long waist strap. Traditional crafstmen in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture made the aprons one at a time.

Already in stock at AkaTako's USA shipping location, aprons should arrive to EU location before the end of June. [Currently in stock at both locations!]

Aquirax Uno Toyohashi Apron
Aquirax Uno
Toyohashi Apron
Fuco Ueda Toyohashi Apron
Fuco Ueda
Toyohashi Apron
Takato Yamamoto Toyohashi Apron
Takato Yamamoto
Toyohashi Apron

Quantities are limited! Please click the images above for more photos or to purchase.

May 20, 2022

The third book in the magical collaboration of three Japanese erotic artists DOMINATRIX HEAVEN takes us to a rewarding afterlife ruled by women. Hajime Sorayama, Rockin' Jelly Bean, and Katsuya Terada each contribute again to 72 pages + short artist statements (JP/EN). These books are hand SIGNED by ALL THREE artists!!! Now available for pre-order, please check the individual item pages to see estimated arrival dates. [All three books arrived and are currently in stock at both USA & EU shipping locations.] There's also a couple pieces of the new exhibition t-shirt.

Dominatrix Heaven SIGNED PRE-ORDER Dominatrix Heaven Exhibition t-shirt PRE-ORDER

Also available again, the two earlier books Tokyo Sweet Gwendoline (2018) and Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Kill! (2014). Both arriving in a couple weeks, check each book's page for dates. Both of these books also SIGNED by ALL THREE ARTISTS!

Tokyo Sweet Gwendoline SIGNED Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Kill! SIGNED

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May 18, 2022

A few of the vintage, dead stock, Hajime Sorayama prints from the 1990's have been restocked! They have now arrived to USA shipping location (worldwide shipping available). Details of the print editions have been added and the pre-orders will ship in a day or two. Prints are all hand SIGNED and NUMBERED by Sorayama himself! Each measures approximately 17.125" x 24" (43.5 x 61cm).

Hajime Sorayama Lithograph 62 Hajime Sorayama Lithograph 65 Hajime Sorayama Lithograph 66 Hajime Sorayama Lithograph 67
Hajime Sorayama Lithograph 69 Hajime Sorayama Lithograph 71 Hajime Sorayama Lithograph 73 Hajime Sorayama Lithograph 74
Hajime Sorayama Lithograph 80 Hajime Sorayama Lithograph 81 Hajime Sorayama Lithograph 82 Hajime Sorayama Lithograph 84

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