Takato Yamamoto CV

1960January 15, born in Akita Prefecture
1983Graduated from the painting department of the Tokyo Zokei University
1991-1993Experimented with the Ukiyo-e Pop style
He further refined and developed his Ukiyo-e Pop style to create his "Heisei Estheticism" style, producing illustrations for mainly esthetic novels, fantasy novels, sensual novels, and period novels, and he also did cover paintings for cultural magazines and hardback books, and publicity illustrations for commercial media
1998"Heisei Esthetics" exhibition (Creation Gallery G8, Ginza)
"Scarlet Maniera" anthology printed (Treville)
2001"Azure Peep Window" exhibition (HB Gallery, Omotesando)
Digital works "Night of the Handsome Youth," "Night of the Beautiful Girl," and "Night of Bizarre" (East Press)
Reissue of "Scarlet Maniera" (Editions Treville)
2002"Altar of Narcissus" exhibition (Span Art Gallery)
"Altar of Narcissus" anthology printed (Editions Treville)
Issue of Print Set 1: Banquet Under the Moon
2003"Lunar Eclipse Nocturne" exhibition (TACOche, Nakano)
"Allure of Pharmakon" exhibition (Span Art Gallery)
"Allure of Pharmakon" anthology printed (Editions Treville)
Issue of Print Set 2: Makeup of Darkness
2005"Makeup of Darkness" exhibition (Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Rome)
2006"Frolicking Under the Moon" exhibition (Yaso: Lucite Gallery)
"Divertimento for A Martyr" anthology printed (Editions Treville)
Issue of Print Set 3: Secret Traces of Night
2006-2007"Takato Proibito" exhibition (Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Rome)
2007Reissue of "Scarlet Maniera" 3rd edition (Editions Treville)
Reissue of "Altar of Narcissus" and "Allure of Pharmakon" (Editions Treville)
2008"Vampire" exhibition (Yaso: Parabolica-bis)
"Fantastic and Aesthetic Art of Takato Yamamoto: A 10 Year Retrospective" exhibition (Kinokuniya)
"Rib of a Hermaphrodite" exhibition (Gotanda Sonic)
"Rib of a Hermaphrodite" exhibition (Editions Treville)
Reissue of "Divertimento for A Martyr" (Editions Treville)
Issue of Print Set 4: Night Mirror
2010"Tombstone Chimera" exhibition (Kinokuniya)
"Coffin of a Chimera" monograph printed (Editions Treville)
Issue of Print Set 5: Chimera Tombstone
2011"Shrine of a Devil Deep The Deep Exhibition of Cthulu" exhibition (Span Art Gallery)
"ART HK 2011" exhibition (Taipei World Trade Center)
"Fantasies of a Virgin - Fantasies Surrounding a Virgin" exhibition (Span Art Gallery)
Special limited edition "Takato Yamamoto Collection Vol. II" printed (Editions Treville)
2012"KOH-JUTSU No. 3 - Temptation" exhibition (Spiral Garden, Minami Aoyama)
"Homate to 'Another' Eyeballs and Virgins" exhibition (Bunkaumura Gallery)
"Necrophantasmagoria" exhibition (Athens Gallery/Kinokuniya Gallery)
"Necrophantasmagoria" monograph printed (Editions Treville)

Member of the Tokyo Illustrators Society and the International Ukiyo-e Society

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