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Takato Yamamoto Artwork

Complete list of artwork by Japanese contemporary artist Takato Yamamoto.
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Titlesort icon Title (Japanese) Date Size (mm) Published In
Alice's Awakening アリスの覚醒 2012 280x395 Nosferatu
Alice's Emergence アリスの羽化 2013 300x400 Nosferatu
Alice's Secret Game II アリスの密やかな遊戯Ⅱ 2017 210x300 Nosferatu
Another Mutation 2014 455x530 Nosferatu
Apparition II 出現II 2014 210x300 Nosferatu
Apparition III 出現Ⅲ 2016 210x300 Nosferatu
Apparition IV 出現IV 2016 379x455 Nosferatu
Apparition IX 出現IX 2017 379x455 Nosferatu
Apparition V 出現V 2017 727x727 Nosferatu
Apparition VI 出現VI 2017 1000x1000 Nosferatu
Apparition VII 出現VII 2017 909x727 Nosferatu
Apparition VIII 出現VIII 2017 318x410 Nosferatu
Atypical Approach to a Mal-Distributed Repose 偏在する安息領域への変則的アプローチ下絵 2016 300x400 Nosferatu
Banquet Under the Moon II 月下の晩餐II 2017 400x300 Nosferatu
Carmilla 2017 379x455 Nosferatu
Contemplation 黙想 2012 210x300 Nosferatu
Death and a Maiden IV 2013 310x310 Nosferatu
Eyeball Bug and a Maiden II 眼球虫と少女II 2015 318x410 Nosferatu
Eyeball Bug and Roses II 2014 210x300 Nosferatu
Fermentation 醸酒 2015 210x300 Nosferatu
Gift 2017 300x300 Nosferatu
Hallutination 2012 170x250 Nosferatu
Head of Strigoica 2013 280x280 Nosferatu
Head of Strigoii 2013 242x333 Nosferatu
In the Early Afternoon 昼下り 2014 400x200 Nosferatu
In the Walnut 胡桃の中 2017 379x455 Nosferatu
Lucy's Head 2013 455x530 Nosferatu
Lucy's Mutation 2014 727x907 Nosferatu
Nosferatu - Attachment ノスフェラトゥ‐執着 2018 300x400 Nosferatu
Clear File
Nosferatu - Gazing into Empty Space ノスフェラトゥ‐虚空を見つめるもの 2018 498x250 Nosferatu
Nosferatu - Illusion ノスフェラトゥ‐惑い 2018 400x300 Nosferatu
Nosferatu - Joy ノスフェラトゥ‐歓喜 2018 210x300 Nosferatu
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Nosferatu - Love ノスフェラトゥ‐愛 2018 300x400 Nosferatu
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Nosferatu - Red Sheets 2018 200x400 Nosferatu
Clear File
Nosferatu - Trap ノスフェラトゥ‐罠 2018 300x400 Nosferatu
On the Shore 2013 420x300 Nosferatu
Parfait 2017 210x300 Nosferatu
Phantom in the Window 2016 606x909 Nosferatu
Pulsation / Crucifixion 脈拍 2017 300x300 Nosferatu
Sacred Circulation 2015 1000x1000 Nosferatu
Sacred Emergence 神聖羽化 2013 727x1000 Nosferatu
Sacred Triangle 2013 1000x1000 Nosferatu
Snail's Temptation 蝸牛の誘惑 2018 455x379 Nosferatu
Specter of a Girl Met Before Dawn 夜明け前に出会つた少女の幻影 2014 250x250 Nosferatu
Temptation III 誘惑III 2015 210x300 Nosferatu
The Emblem of Death I 2016 300x300 Nosferatu
Touch of Magic II 魔触II 2016 318x410 Nosferatu
Vampire 吸血鬼 2006 210x300 Rib of a Hermaphrodite
Print Set
Vampire Fairy Demon 吸血妖鬼 2008 210x300 Coffin of a Chimera
Clear File
Vampire's Head II 2015 300x400 Nosferatu
Vampire's Head III 2015 210x300 Nosferatu
Vampire's Promise 吸血鬼‐約束‐ 2015 400x300 Nosferatu