Takato Yamamoto Rib of A Hermaphrodite SIGNED

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The works printed in this book follow Takato Yamamoto's aesthetic but there are several plates which are more graphic than I have seen him display in his art before. There are a lot of bones and skeletons but this time there is still flesh attached - very visceral. SIGNED inside the front cover with black ink.

There is a cardboard sleeve with an oval cut out (first photo) so you can view the artwork on the actual book cover. The book is covered in a soft gray color fabric (second photo).

Complete list of artwork in Rib of a Hermaphrodite.

山本タカト - ヘルマフロディトゥスの肋骨

Signed: Yes
# of Pages: 80 +/-
Size: 7.5" x 10" x .5"
19.2 x 25.3 x 1.2cm
Binding: Hardcover
Cardboard sleeve
Edition: Third
Date Printed: 2012
Where Printed: Japan