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Fuyuko Matsui - Self-portrait
Fuyuko Matsui - Slight Verge
Fuyuko Matsui - Smoke Column Flower
Fuyuko Matsui - Spiral of Thought
Fuyuko Matsui - Study
Fuyuko Matsui - The Aggression of the Sacrificial Ceremony
Fuyuko Matsui - The Cut Long-term Experiment
Fuyuko Matsui - The Lonely Pine of Rikuzen-Takata
Fuyuko Matsui - The Parasite Will Not Abandon the Body
Fuyuko Matsui - Three Forms of Unhappiness at the State of Existence
Fuyuko Matsui - Transformation
Fuyuko Matsui - Veal Dissection
Fuyuko Matsui - Virgin Portrait
Fuyuko Matsui - Virgin Specimen
Hikari Shimoda - Alice
Hikari Shimoda - Angel Child
Hikari Shimoda - Bear
Hikari Shimoda - Birthday Party
Hikari Shimoda - Birthday Party, Ritual for Rebirth
Hikari Shimoda - Birthday Party, Ritual for Rebirth
Hikari Shimoda - Blooming from the Darkness
Hikari Shimoda - Blue Eyed Boy *
Hikari Shimoda - Can You Hear *
Hikari Shimoda - Celebration (Midnight)
Hikari Shimoda - Celebration 1
Hikari Shimoda - Celebration 2
Hikari Shimoda - Celebration 3
Hikari Shimoda - Comfortable Sadness
Hikari Shimoda - Cupido
Hikari Shimoda - Day Where Airplane Flies
Hikari Shimoda - Decaying