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Sep 14, 2011

A brand new Yaso magazine was released just last week and AkaTako already has it available. "Doll & Body" focuses on doll artists of the 2010's and features the works of Ryo Yoshida, Etsuko Miura, Tari Nakagawa, Hizuki, Midori Hayashi, Mitsubachi@BabyBee, Mantam, and LIEN. A few of the artists include works that are tributes to Hans Bellmer.

Yaso Doll & BodyYaso Doll & Body - Etsuko MiuraYaso Doll & Body - Ryo Yoshida

Also back in stock is the Yaso Bellmer Poupée magazine!

Yaso Bellmer PoupéeYaso Bellmer Poupée

Sep 12, 2011

AkaTako.net now has the full range of every Trevor Brown "My Alphabet" that has been published! A couple of them are permanently sold out.... but now there are three more versions that are available as of today.

Trevor Brown My Alphabet Plum bookTrevor Brown My Alphabet Black bookTrevor Brown My Alphabet brown
Plum My Alphabet
w/ Coloring Book
Black My Alphabet (signed)Brown My Alphabet (unsigned)

Other versions: Blue My Alphabet (sold out), Orange My Alphabet (sold out), Brown My Alphabet (signed).

Sep 11, 2011

They just seemed to be crying out for 360° views so how could I resist?? Kinbaku (Japanese rope bondage) dolls:

Red Mask Black Cat Kinbaku DollRope Master Cat Smiling Kinbaku DollBlack Mask Bunny Kinbaku Doll

Posted on AkaTako.net's tumblr!

Sep 3, 2011

Just arrived today - three styles of Japanese rope bondage dolls by Kitanya Design Factory. Each doll is on a wood base and measures around 4 1/2" tall (actual sizes listed on item pages).

Black Mask Bunny Kinbaku DollRed Mask Cat Kinbaku DollRope Master Cat Smiling Kinbaku Doll
Black Mask BunnyRed Mask CatRope Master Cat

Super cute shibari dolls look great and are a nice surprise in a bookshelf of collectibles! Added 360° views on tumblr: bunny, cat, and rope master.

++ Just about every kinbaku charm is back in stock - including the original rope master cat.

Sep 1, 2011

Very special limited edition poster by Trevor Brown. Only 50 pieces will be printed - all signed and numbered. Now available for pre-order, they should arrive mid-September and will ship to you as soon as I get them.

Trevor Brown Alice Kowai Poster
Alice Kowai Poster

Posters measure approximately 16.5" x 23.4" (42 x 59.4cm) and are on heavyweight paper.
Official post on Trevor Brown's blog.

Aug 31, 2011

Seven more original paintings by Hikari Shimoda have been added (for a total of nine!). Most of them are watercolors of her melancholic blond kids wearing bunny rabbit ears.

Hikari Shimoda Celebration 1 paintingHikari Shimoda Celebration 2 paintingHikari Shimoda Celebration 3 paintingHikari Shimoda Flower and Girl painting
Celebration 1Celebration 2Celebration 3Flower and Girl
Hikari Shimoda Midnight Birthday Party paintingHikari Shimoda Rabbit paintingHikari Shimoda Rabbit Girl 2011 painting 
Midnight Birthday PartyRabbitRabbit Girl 2011 

Original paintings can be purchased after you receive a shipping quote. Just click "inquire" on the one you're interested in to receive a shipping estimate tailored to your location and preferences.

Aug 25, 2011

After several people have said the Tama mini posters look better in person and that the online images don't do them justice, I've added two additional zoomed in detail images for EACH poster. You can really see the quality and the incredible colors in the close ups. Click any thumbnails below to go to that poster and see the new images full size.

Tama Amrita poster SIGNEDTama Chain Girl poster SIGNEDTama Frostbite poster SIGNEDTama Hopeless Mermaid poster SIGNED
Amrita posterChain Girl posterFrostbite posterHopeless Mermaid poster
Tama Illuminated Remains poster SIGNEDTama Lager poster SIGNEDTama Lidocaine Drop poster SIGNEDTama Live and Let Live poster SIGNED
Illuminated Remains posterLager posterLidocaine Drop posterLive and Let Live poster
Tama Lunch Is Ready poster SIGNEDTama Milky Way poster SIGNEDTama Missa Pro Defunctis poster SIGNEDTama Negaholic poster SIGNED
Lunch is Ready posterMilky Way posterMissa Pro Defunctis posterNegaholic poster
Tama Never Let Me Go poster SIGNEDTama Papillon poster SIGNEDTama Ritual poster SIGNEDTama Rosary poster SIGNED
Never Let Me Go posterPapillon posterRitual posterRosary poster
Tama Trade Off poster SIGNEDTama Under the Rose poster  
Trade Off posterUnder the Rose poster  

Aug 23, 2011

Get your fix of Japanese art with Talking Heads (TH) art magazines. Even if you can't read Japanese there is PLENTY to look at. These fat little magazines are full of art and web links. Each magazine has around 30 full color pages with images by their featured artists. After that are black and white images + text.

Talking Heads Art Magazine No. 44Talking Heads Art Magazine No. 44Talking Heads Art Magazine No. 44
TH No. 44TH No. 44TH No. 44
Talking Heads Art Magazine No. 45Talking Heads Art Magazine No. 45Talking Heads Art Magazine No. 45
TH No. 45TH No. 45TH No. 45
Talking Heads Art Magazine No. 47Talking Heads Art Magazine No. 47Talking Heads Art Magazine No. 47
TH No. 47TH No. 47TH No. 47

Each magazine has it's own theme:
No. 44 "Fables of Purity ~ Fairy tales of virginity and impurity"
No. 45 "Melancholic Body ~ The pitiful but beautiful body's favorite knowledge"
No. 47 "Pseudo-Human ~ Anatomy of the half-human"
And is PACKED with dozens and dozens of artists. Please check out each one for a partial listing.