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Mar 6, 2012

Now available for pre-order (arriving March 10th +/-) are five new Tama posters. Each is a signed and numbered edition of 50 and is exclusive to AkaTako.

Tama Disregarded Warning poster SIGNEDTama Honey Trick poster SIGNEDTama Maidenhood poster SIGNEDTama Servants for Me poster SIGNEDTama Your Aid poster SIGNED
Disregarded WarningHoney TrickMaidenhoodServants for MeYour Aid

Click the pictures for additional information.

Mar 3, 2012

Check out all sides of the newest figures by Kitanya Design Factory! The banks are made of soft vinyl (PVC) and the dolls are made of cast resin. Each one is hand painted and hand tied with bright red rope.

Black Mask Bunny Kinbaku BankRed Mask Cat Kinbaku BankDragon Karada Kinbaku DollLucky Cat Karada Kinbaku Doll
Black Mask Bunny Kinbaku BankRed Mask Cat Kinbaku BankDragon Kinbaku DollLucky Cat Kinbaku Doll

Originally posted on the AkaTako tumblr.

Feb 28, 2012

Available by special order - three original works by Suehiro Maruo! Click the pictures to send an inquiry (or email info [at] akatako [dot] net). These pieces will ship directly from Tokyo to you.

Shoujo Tsubaki
Original sketch. Pen on paper.
245x354mm, 2010, unframed.
Suehiro Maruo Shoujo Tsubaki original sketch
A Boy - Summer
Watercolor on paper.
275x245mm, year unknown, framed.
Suehiro Maruo A Boy - Summer original painting
A Boy Under a Willow
Watercolor on paper.
275x245mm, year unknown, framed.
Suehiro Maruo A Boy Under a Willow original painting


Feb 13, 2012

Two new letter sets and two new sheets of stickers by Tama. Now you don't have to limit your love of Tama to just your walls or bookcase - you can send it through the mail or stick it on just about anything. ;)

Tama Letter Set "Gothic"Tama Letter Set "Pink"Tama Sticker Sheet "Gothic"Tama Sticker Sheet "Lolita"

Additional photos and details available on the individual item pages.

Feb 13, 2012

Four sets of postcards (each has four cards) by Tama! The sets are themed by color - black, pink, blue, and green - and contain some of her more popular artwork. Matte finish and super smooth, the cards are all suitable for framing.

Tama Postcard Set ATama Postcard Set BTama Postcard Set CTama Postcard Set D

Click the pictures to see each individual postcard image, the reverse, and the custom packaging by Tama.

Feb 2, 2012

All prints are SIGNED and numbered limited editions of only 50 pieces! Paper is nice and heavy, pure white, and sets off the bright colors of Suehiro Maruo's artwork beautifully. Click the pictures for more information and additional detail photos for each print.

Suehiro Maruo Print 6 CD JacketSuehiro Maruo Print 7 CD JacketSuehiro Maruo Print 8 Huma no KojirouSuehiro Maruo Print 9 Midori
CD JacketCD JacketHuma no KojirouMidori
Suehiro Maruo Print 10 Rose Colored MonsterSuehiro Maruo Print 11 Yume no Q-SakuSuehiro Maruo Print 12 Taruho Inagaki 
Rose Colored MonsterYume no Q-SakuTaruho Inagaki 

Feb 2, 2012

Just printed in Japan, the second edition of Suehiro Maruo's "New Century SM Pictorial". SIGNED in silver ink inside the front cover - oversized hardcover book with fantastic full color and black and white works.

Suehiro Maruo New Century SM Pictorial SIGNEDSuehiro Maruo New Century SM Pictorial SIGNEDSuehiro Maruo New Century SM Pictorial SIGNEDSuehiro Maruo New Century SM Pictorial SIGNEDSuehiro Maruo New Century SM Pictorial SIGNED

Additional photos of content can be seen in the first edition. And there's a signed poster of the front cover available too!

Feb 2, 2012

Just arrived are two brand new Suehiro Maruo postcard sets. Gloss finish front and matte black and white reverse. Perfect to mail to friends or even to frame.

Suehiro Maruo Postcards Midori SIGNEDBoxed set of six cards all featuring Midori! Box is signed on the reverse in silver marker. Suehiro Maruo Postcard Set SIGNEDSet of ten cards featuring some of Suehiro Maruo's most iconic artworks. First card is signed.