Em Nishizuka Muffler Scarf

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Your choice of four different caterpillar pattern mufflers.
Black: Theretra oldenlandiae (impatiens hawkmoth) sesujisuzume セスジスズメ
Brown: Eudocima tyrannus (leaf-like moth) akebikonoha アケビコノハ
Green: Papilio machaon (old world swallowtail) kiageha キアゲハ
Yellow: Acheronita lachesis (death's head hawkmoth) kuromengata クロメンガタ

Muffler measures approximately 41.5" x 8.7" (106x22cm). Printed on the FRONT only with blank white reverse side. Please check the last photo. Detail photos of individual muffler are shown folded in half (muffler is twice the length shown). Can also be used as a hand towel!

Made in China.
95% polyelastane, 5% nylon.

西塚em マフラータオル