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May 18, 2012

Six of the sold out Kitanya Design Factory kinbaku charms are now back in stock!

Kitanya Design Kinbaku Charms

And don't forget that any charm can be converted into a necklace pendant or earring (free of charge!).

May 13, 2012

AkaTako was able to find a (used) copy of "Medical Fun" by Trevor Brown. It's in pretty good shape and is even SIGNED inside the front cover!

Trevor Brown Medical Fun SIGNEDTrevor Brown Medical Fun SIGNEDTrevor Brown Medical Fun SIGNED

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May 10, 2012

Just landed this morning, these four books have come back to AkaTako. Each of them are SIGNED by the artist.

Suehiro Maruo Paranoia Star SIGNESuehiro Maruograph I 1st Edition SIGNEDToshio Saeki The Earliest Works SIGNEDTrevor Brown Forbidden Fruit 1st Edition SIGNED
Suehiro Maruo
Paranoia Star
Suehiro Maruo
Maruograph I 1st Ed.
Toshio Saeki
The Earliest Works
Trevor Brown
Forbidden Fruit 1st Ed.

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May 1, 2012

Trevor Brown's "Toy Box" series has been a great success on AkaTako and what better way to celebrate than with some original paintings? All eight of these paintings were featured at the exhibition (but not necessarily in the postcard set or poster) and are now available - shipping directly to you from Tokyo!

Trevor Brown Brains paintingTrevor Brown Butch paintingTrevor Brown Fix Me Doll paintingTrevor Brown Love Bombs painting
Trevor Brown "Brains" paintingTrevor Brown "Butch" paintingTrevor Brown "Fix Me Doll" paintingTrevor Brown "Love Bombs" painting
Trevor Brown Radioactive Rabbit paintingTrevor Brown Snot 'n' Shit paintingTrevor Brown Watch with Mother paintingTrevor Brown Zelda painting
Trevor Brown "Radioactive Rabbit" paintingTrevor Brown "Snot 'n' Shit" paintingTrevor Brown "Watch with Mother" paintingTrevor Brown "Zelda" painting

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Apr 30, 2012

Just arrived to AkaTako are three rare Trevor Brown posters which were originally published in the 1990s. Each of them has been signed by Trevor Brown and are quite difficult to find!

Trevor Brown Devil Angel poster SIGNEDTrevor Brown Dom Bitch poster SIGNEDTrevor Brown Spikey Sun poster SIGNED
Trevor Brown "Devil Angel" posterTrevor Brown "Dom Bitch" posterTrevor Brown "Spiky Sun" poster

The posters above have just arrived to AkaTako. The posters below are equally hard to find and have been waiting patiently on AkaTako for you to take them home!

Trevor Brown Bondage Bear posterTrevor Brown Evil poster SIGNEDTrevor Brown Penis Pixie posterTrevor Brown Tattooed Doll Head poster
Trevor Brown "Bondage Bear" posterTrevor Brown "Evil" posterTrevor Brown "Penis Pixie" posterTrevor Brown "Tattooed Doll Head" poster

Apr 28, 2012

The last of the new items from Trevor Brown's latest series "Toy Box" has arrived! Signed and numbered B2 size (20.25" x 28.675") Toy Box poster is a limited edition of only 100 pieces.

Trevor Brown Toy Box poster SIGNED

Apr 26, 2012

The Toy Box postcards and Teddy Bear Operation puzzles by Trevor Brown arrived today! So cute!! The Toy Box posters should arrive tomorrow or Saturday. If you pre-ordered any of the items be sure to watch your email for your "Order Shipped" notification.

Toy Box postcards & Teddy Bear Operation puzzles

A nice surprise - postcard sets are SIGNED inside the box cover.

Apr 22, 2012

The "Toy Box" postcard set and the "Teddy Bear Operation" puzzle have just been added for pre-order. The postcard set is boxed and has all 20 paintings from the Toy Box exhibition. The puzzle is 300 pieces and is a signed and numbered edition of only 50.

Trevor Brown Toy Box Postcard SetTrevor Brown Teddy Bear Operation puzzle SIGNED
Toy Box PostcardsTeddy Bear Operation Puzzle

Both items should arrive to AkaTako in the first week of May +/-.