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Oct 31, 2011

Just in, several rare books by these two great Japanese artists. This is the first time any of these books has made an appearance on AkaTako. They were found after long searches and some earnest help from Japanese friends.

Suehiro Maruo's books:

Suehiro Maruo New Century SM PictorialSuehiro Maruo Maruo Jigoku IISuehiro Maruo Paranoia Star
New Century SM PictorialMaruo Jigoku IIParanoia Star

Toshio Saeki's books:

Toshio Saeki The Earliest Works SIGNEDToshio Saeki The Early WorksToshio Saeki Chimushi 1Toshio Saeki Chimushi 2
The Earliest WorksThe Early WorksChimushi 1Chimushi 2

Once they are sold out I will certainly try to get them again but it is definitely not guaranteed.

I also managed to find a SIGNED first edition copy of Trevor Brown's Forbidden Fruit.

Oct 27, 2011

The box full of "Lucid Dream" books arrived today and all the pre-orders are packed and ready to be shipped out tomorrow.

Fuco Ueda Lucid Dream Special EditionFuco Ueda Lucid Dream Special Edition signed

Each book is SIGNED and DATED (in Kanji) in gold metallic ink with a red hanko mark too.

Oct 14, 2011

They're heading to the printer in Japan right now and then to Takato Yamamoto to sign them... After that - to AkaTako! Three new posters with Takato Yamamoto's works are available for pre-order right now.

Takato Yamamoto Fermentation of a Hermaphrodite posterTakato Yamamoto Twin Roses posterTakato Yamamoto Sacred Mutant Birth poster
"Fermentation of a Hermaphrodite""Twin Roses""Sacred Mutant Birth"

They will all be signed, size 20.25" x 28.675" (51.5cm x 72.8cm), and should arrive the first week of November +/-.

Oct 13, 2011

It has been sold out for over four months but Fuco Ueda's LUCID DREAM Special Edition is FINALLY going to be back in the beginning of November - likely November 1st!

Fuco Ueda Lucid Dream Special EditionFuco Ueda Lucid Dream Special EditionFuco Ueda Lucid Dream Special EditionFuco Ueda Lucid Dream Special EditionFuco Ueda Lucid Dream Special Edition

The regular edition remains sold out for the time being. I'm not sure when I will be able to get it back in stock. Special thanks to Fuco Ueda herself - her direct intervention helped to bring Lucid Dream back to AkaTako!

Oct 3, 2011

Romaine Slocombe's "manga" Prisonniere de l'Armee Rouge is back in stock at AkaTako.net as of today!

Romain Slocombe Prisonniere de l'Armee RougeRomain Slocombe Prisonniere de l'Armee RougeRomain Slocombe Prisonniere de l'Armee Rouge

Softcover book with full page illustrations of Romain's medical bondage ladies. Trilingual captions - French, Japanese & English.

Sep 21, 2011

A new artist to AkaTako.net - Mari Shimizu is a Japanese contemporary doll artist. She favors ball-jointed dolls and is pretty well known for her Victorian tableaux which are inserted into the chest cavities of her dolls.

Mari Shimizu postcard setMari Shimizu postcard setMari Shimizu postcard set

Her work has also been featured in several magazines including Talking Heads No. 47, Yaso Doll, and Yaso Monster & Freaks.

More doll | ball joint items

Sep 14, 2011

A brand new Yaso magazine was released just last week and AkaTako already has it available. "Doll & Body" focuses on doll artists of the 2010's and features the works of Ryo Yoshida, Etsuko Miura, Tari Nakagawa, Hizuki, Midori Hayashi, Mitsubachi@BabyBee, Mantam, and LIEN. A few of the artists include works that are tributes to Hans Bellmer.

Yaso Doll & BodyYaso Doll & Body - Etsuko MiuraYaso Doll & Body - Ryo Yoshida

Also back in stock is the Yaso Bellmer Poupée magazine!

Yaso Bellmer PoupéeYaso Bellmer Poupée