Toshio Saeki Chimushi 1 1st Edition

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The first comprehensive collection of Toshio Saeki's erotic nightmare artwork. Each page displays violence, sexuality, forbidden dreams and terrifying nightmares in full color. Includes a biography and several articles on Toshi Saeki (all in Japanese only).

Split into different themed sections: Donsyoku, Ranai, Irotomura, Chimushi, Youkei, Maraku, Injuu, Hietsu, Janin, and Juetsu. Additional images available at the signed version.

Condition: Dust jacket shows some wear on edges and a few indentations. Front and back book covers have a few indentations and irregularities to the top and bottom edges. Both covers also have a slight outward curve but are not actually bent. Interior pages are clean, crisp colors, tight binding. Overall good + used condition.

佐伯俊男 痴虫1

# of Pages:172
Size:8.5" x 11.87" x .8"
21.7 x 30.2 x 2cm
Paper dust jacket + obi
Date Printed:1995
Where Printed:Japan