Toshio Saeki Chimushi 1 1st Edition

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The first comprehensive collection of Toshio Saeki's erotic nightmare artwork. Each page displays violence, sexuality, forbidden dreams and terrifying nightmares in full color. Includes a biography and several articles on Toshi Saeki (all in Japanese only).

Split into different themed sections: Donsyoku, Ranai, Irotomura, Chimushi, Youkei, Maraku, Injuu, Hietsu, Janin, and Juetsu. Additional images available at the signed version.

Condition: Good used condition. Shelf wear on top and bottom edges. There are a few brown spots on page edges. Obi is in poor condition with many brown spots and marks. Interior of dust jacket also has several (light) brown spots. Not visible from outside. Actual book has one slightly bent corner. Pages are clean, binding is tight.

佐伯俊男 痴虫1

# of Pages:172
Size:8.5" x 11.87" x .8"
21.7 x 30.2 x 2cm
Paper dust jacket + obi
Date Printed:1995
Where Printed:Japan