Toshio Saeki The Early Works

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Toshio Saeki's The Early Works gives us a hint of the eroguro path his artwork would take later in his career. Includes an essay by Catherine Robbe-Grillet and reprints of three articles about his work (all in Japanese). About 1/3 full color with the remaining pages in black and white, purple and white, or black and white with red accents.

Condition: very light shelf wear on edges and a few irregularities along the edges of the dust jacket. A few scuffs and indentations on dust jacket surface as well. Book interior is in nearly new condition.

佐伯俊男 初期作品集

# of Pages:156
Size:8.25" x 11.675" x .675"
21 x 39.6 x 1.5cm
Paper dust jacket + obi
Date Printed:1997
Where Printed:Japan