Takato Yamamoto Postcard Set 1 Allure of Pharmakon

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Set of postcards from Takato Yamamoto's book Allure of Pharmakon is a little book with 8 postcards in it. They are perforated along the shorter edge so that you can tear them out of the book if you'd like. And there's a black OR red tassel hanging from the lower left corner of the book. The book measures approximately 6.5" x 4" but the postcards are very slightly smaller at 4" x 6".

Painting of Bathing 水伐図 - a young girl ankle deep in water, wringing out the hem of her dress, with a severed head peeking out from the rocks on the left.

Bright Moon Night 月のさやけき夜 - two androgynous people sitting under a full moon in a rocky area, with empty cups of blood, blood spatters, and a severed hand.

Night Ditch 夜の淵 - a young man bound in rope, a skeleton looming out of the greenery and a disembodied head.

A Drop of Moonlight 月の雫 - a young blonde girl (?) sitting on a rocky precipice under a full moon with smoke curling around her; a bloody rag sits near one of her feet.

Thoughts of Spring 想春 - a young girl (?) sitting on a bed with a few eggs near her feet and a bloody plate.

At Play 遊戲にて - two partially dressed lovers in bed.

Beautiful Heart Beat 美しき鼓動の響き - a boy (?) with a bloody rope in hand sitting above another partially dressed person.

Hatching 孵化 - a shirtless boy (?) with a Noh mask at his feet and a cracked egg behind him with a little eyeball peering out of it at him.