Suehiro Maruo Silk Scarf

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Special collaboration between Suehiro Maruo and ! 100% silk art scarf of one of Suehiro Maruo's most iconic images! A dark-haired girl screams and clutches at her face as s copperhead snake makes its way through her nostrils, into her eye, out of her mouth, and then around the back of her head to emerge between the red and white striped bow on top of her head. Artwork is printed in Maruograph II.

Scarf can be used as a neck scarf, head wrap, wall hanging, tablecloth, etc. Not suited for prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

100% silk - 14mm twill with hand-rolled hem.
Scarf measures approximately 34.25" x 34.25" (87x87cm).
Made in China.

丸尾末広 絹のスカーフ