Hikari Shimoda Celebration 3 painting

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Original painting by Hikari Shimoda of a young girl with bunny ears and a garland of stars on her head. She's wearing a dark dress with a white lace color and a pink ribbon at the neck. She has black shoes and white dress socks on and holds a teddy bear with his stuffing spilling out upside down by his leg. Her hair is a very pale silver white with bangs and two braided pigtails. SIGNED and dated in lower right corner ("Hikari '11").

Watercolor painting on very heavyweight paper. Includes wooden frame. Matted area measures approximately 8.25" x 11.675" (21 x 29.7cm). Complete piece measures approximately 9.25" x 12.25" (23.5 x 31cm). Piece was framed for an exhibition in Japan.

下田 ひかり セレブレーション3