Toshio Saeki Akai Hako 1st Edition

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Long-necked ghosts, slashing samurais, decapitated mothers, excited school girls, camellias, chrysanthemums, and blowing leaves - all coming together in an eroguro vision unique to Toshio Saeki. The original first edition printed in 1972, there are 51 prints - each stretches across two pages and has a limited color palette.

EU Condition: Not very good! Book is cracked at lower corner of binding edge. Seems as if it was dropped and landed on the corner. Binding is not super tight anymore. About a 1" border of water damage/shadow on lower edge but the pages remain flat. Fairly heavy color transfer/shadow from page to page. Cardboard sleeve has color loss, crack in lower left corner, and a 2-3" water damage/shadow. Please view pictures here.

佐伯俊男 あかいはこ

Signed: No
Size: 10" x 13.1" x .75"
25.5 x 33.2 x 2cm
Binding: Softcover
Cardboard sleeve
Paper dust jacket
Edition: First
Date Printed: 1972
Where Printed: Japan