Suehiro Maruo Nail Stickers

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Set of 12 fingernail stickers featuring Suehiro Maruo's iconic "Shoujo Tsubaki"! Created for the recent "Maruo End Expo - Underground Maruo Theater" exhibition in Tokyo. Use a few at a time along with other solid painted colors to get the most use out of the set.

① Choose a sticker that fits your nail size and remove it from the backing paper. The round end is the base of the nail. You can use tweezers to make it easier to remove.

② Apply from the base of the nail, being careful not to allow air to enter. Depending on the shape of the nail, please trim as required.

③ Cut the excess sticker with a nail clipper or scrape it with a nail file (slowly in one direction only).

◆ For protection, it is recommended to apply a top coat.
◆ If you apply a top coat to cover the exposed tip, it will last longer.
◆ When peeling off, gently peel from the base of the nail.

●Do not use for a long time.
●Do not apply directly to the skin.
●If there is an abnormality on your nails, stop using it. If any abnormalities appear, stop using the product immediately and consult a specialist doctor.
●Store away from direct sunlight, extreme heat and cold, and high humidity.
●Keep out of reach of small children and pets.
●The sticker may come off depending on your living environment or the shape of your nails.