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Aug 9, 2011

Five Trevor Brown originals are now available on AkaTako.net!

Trevor Brown Garden PaintingTrevor Brown Fuck It paintingTrevor Brown Chu PaintingTrevor Brown Broken PaintingTrevor Brown Wet Painting
Trevor Brown GardenTrevor Brown Fuck It
Trevor Brown Chu
Trevor Brown BrokenTrevor Brown Wet

Because of their size and high value, you have to request a custom shipping quote before purchase. Quotes will be sent within about 24 hours of request.

Also newly available is an original giclee print - only 20 were made!

Trevor Brown Machine Gun Girl Print
Trevor Brown Machine Gun Girl Giclee

Invest in some original art that not only retains its value - it's also nice to look at!

Aug 5, 2011

A brand new artist to AkaTako.net, Hikari Shimoda's art features children in a delicate palette of colors. Through a special partnership directly with the artist, there are two signed and numbered posters in a limited edition of 100 each.

Hikari Shimoda Funeral poster SIGNEDHikari Shimoda Power Line & Rabbit (Secret) poster SIGNED
Hikari Shimoda Funeral posterHikari Shimoda Power Line & Rabbit (Secret) poster

Available for pre-order right now, posters are expected to arrive mid to late August.
Can be purchased individually or as a pair.

Aug 1, 2011

The master of cute and evil lolicon girls, Tama uses watercolors to paint deceptively sweet girls. Previously, only books were available on AkaTako.net but now there are 18 mini posters and 4 buttons available. You can appreciate all the little twisted details a lot better with the larger format!

Tama Lunch Is Ready poster SIGNEDTama Negaholic poster SIGNEDTama Rosary poster SIGNED
Tama Lunch is Ready posterTama Negaholic posterTama Rosary poster


Tama Missa Pro Defunctis poster SIGNEDTama Hopeless Mermaid poster SIGNEDTama Never Let Me Go poster SIGNEDTama Trade Off poster SIGNED
Tama Missa Pro DefunctisTama Hopeless MermaidTama Never Let Me GoTama Trade Off

Each mini poster is hand signed on the reverse with a drawing of a kitty cat.

Jul 22, 2011

Large hardcover book "Inkenka" has a GREAT selection of Toshio Saeki's works. Three sections of artwork: Bawdy Pleasures, Enduring Sword's Fantasy, and Bewitching Flowers of Spring.

Toshio Saeki Inkenka bookToshio Saeki Inkenka bookToshio Saeki Inkenka book

It was very difficult to choose which pages to include in the book's description. When you pick it up and flip through it you will be overwhelmed by the number of eroguro works contained inside!

Jul 19, 2011

Chronicling her daughter's childhood years, Irina Ionesco captures the many facets of childhood - innocence, play time, dress up, boredom, sulking, happiness, etc., in the photography book "Eva: Eloge de ma Fille".

Irina Ionesco Eva: Eloge de ma Fille front coverIrina Ionesco Eva: Eloge de ma FilleIrina Ionesco Eva: Eloge de ma Fille

Her curly blonde daughter Eva is lovingly photographed in black and white in this over-sized hardcover book.

Jul 15, 2011

The second wave of Japanese rope bondage (kinbaku or shibari) charms by Kitanya Design Factory have arrived! A few of the charms have permanently sold out but some new styles have come in.

New Kinbaku Charms on AkaTako

New styles include a Smiling Rope Master Cat, Nun, Latex Lady, Tiger Lady, Playboy Bunny, White Bunny in Pink, Axolotl, Jellyfish, Giraffe, Camera, and Rolleiflex. Order yours before they sell out!

Jun 11, 2011

The Japanese rope bondage charms made by Kitanya Design Factory have been mentioned a couple of times on Trevor Brown's blog and I've finally been able to get in touch with the artist in Tokyo who makes these. There are MANY designs but very limited quantities of all of them.

Nurse Bunny Kinbaku CharmRed Mask Black Cat Kinbaku charmPanda Kikko KinbakuCheerleader Kinbaku charmJapanese Schoolgirl Kinbaku charm
Nurse Bunny KinbakuBlack Cat KinbakuPanda Kikko KinbakuCheerleader KinbakuSchoolgirl Kinbaku

Each charm is handmade - hand painted, hand tied and initialed by the artist. They'll look super cute hanging from your cell phone, or as a necklace pendant, a zipper pull, a purse charm, or just a cute little piece of handmade shibari or kinbaku art!

May 31, 2011

Three new SIGNED offset prints by Toshio Saeki are great examples of why he is the master of eroguro:

Toshio Saeki print 8Toshio Saeki print 9Toshio Saeki print 10
Toshio Saeki Print 8Toshio Saeki Print 9
Toshio Saeki Print 10

Toshio Saeki's works illustrate an erotic nightmare world and allow us to peep in on what is going on behind closed doors (and in bedrooms and dungeons!).