New Tama Book & Small Goods

Just added, SIGNED copies of Tama's brand new book "Nighty Night" plus exhibition goods produced by the artist herself! The book is her 8th (!) one! The exhibition was held at Vanilla Gallery March 7-20, 2024. Please enjoy the same small goods you could buy in person at the show.

The book is in stock at USA now, arrival to EU in about a week. Small goods will arrive towards the end of May.

Tama Nighty Night SIGNED
"Nighty Night" art book

64 pages
plus small drawing
Tama Acrylic Stand Eye to Eye
"Eye to Eye" acrylic stand
Tama Zippered Pouch
2-sided zip pouch
Tama Pin LG Nighty Night Group
large buttons

2.25" (5.7cm)
Tama Postcard Group 16
postcard group 16
Tama Postcard Group 17
postcard group 17
Tama Postcard Group 18
postcard group 18
Tama Tote Bag Eye to Eye
"Eye to Eye" tote bag
Tama Tote Bag Nighty Night
"Nighty Night"
tote bag
Tama Contact Postcard Glitter
glitter postcard

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