Mini Posters and Buttons by Tama

The master of cute and evil lolicon girls, Tama uses watercolors to paint deceptively sweet girls. Previously, only books were available on but now there are 18 mini posters and 4 buttons available. You can appreciate all the little twisted details a lot better with the larger format!

Tama Lunch Is Ready poster SIGNEDTama Negaholic poster SIGNEDTama Rosary poster SIGNED
Tama Lunch is Ready posterTama Negaholic posterTama Rosary poster


Tama Missa Pro Defunctis poster SIGNEDTama Hopeless Mermaid poster SIGNEDTama Never Let Me Go poster SIGNEDTama Trade Off poster SIGNED
Tama Missa Pro DefunctisTama Hopeless MermaidTama Never Let Me GoTama Trade Off

Each mini poster is hand signed on the reverse with a drawing of a kitty cat.