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Yaso Discipline

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Vintage YASO magazine printed in 1995. Explore all the different facets of discipline. Broken into the following sections: discipline, bondage, rubberist, high heel + mask + gag + corset + fetters, fetishism, Piercing + Tattoo + Scarification, The Martyrdom of St Sebastian, Anorexia Nervosa, Actionism. Also includes a list of recommended books. Text is 100% Japanese. Printing is all black and white on white, blue or yellow pages.

List of artists in this issue: Hans Bellmer, Kuniyoshi Kaneko, Kohshin Satoh, John Sutcliffe, Azzlo, Yumi + Shinji Yamazaki, Modern Primitives, Fakir Musafar, Atomage, Genesis & Paula P-Orridege, Giorgio Lise, Yoshiko Tomishima, Wien, Masami Akita, Atsuo Nakazawa, and Tsubaki Yamaguchi.

Condition: vintage dead stock - minor scuffing, small amount of yellowing around edges, tiny bends on corners, etc.

# of Pages:224
Size:5.875" x 8.25" x .675"
14.9 x 20.9 x 1.5cm
Date Printed:1995
Where Printed:Japan