Yaso Bellmer Poupée

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Yaso Japanese art magazine - Bellmer Poupée. Filled with contemporary Japanese doll artists. The main focus is on articulated dolls beginning with the groundbreaking work of Hans Bellmer. There is an extensive chronicle of doll history and development stretching from 1902-2010. Text is 99% Japanese.

List of artists in this issue:
Hans Bellmer, Unica Zürn, Shori Miyagawa, Sue Taylor, Alyce Mahon, Gumi Ogata, Simon Yotsuya, Nori Doi, Ryo Yoshida, Saga Kobayashi, Makoto Onozuka, Kishin Shinoyama, Volks, PEACH-PIT, naruto, Hizuki, Tari Nakagawa, Minori Nawata, Os, Akihiko Aono, mican, Ayumi, Masanao, Amano, Nishioka Bro. & Sis., and many more.

Signed: No
# of Pages: 208
Size: 7.25" x 9.5" x .5"
18.3 x 24 x 1cm
Binding: Softcover
Edition: First
Date Printed: 2010
Where Printed: Japan
Publisher: Yaso