Trevor Brown Taboo Vol. 1-9 CD

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Extremely rare CD rom produced by Trevor Brown. Includes all nine of the previous Taboo CDs. Although they were originally inexpensive when purchased they are now very hard to find. Approximately 50 of these were made.

Text from CD, "... this cdrom collection archive has been produced - included is (almost) all the material from all issues of taboo, plus the previously unreleased taboo 09 - a few (unimportant) pics have been lost but this has been compensated for by a wealth of bonus material - some 240,000 words and 600 images await you, dip in at your leasure!"

This is an original CD - not a copy. Produced in 2000 by Trevor Brown.

Condition: minor damage to the jewel case. Plastic tray that holds the CD is a cream color (not black as pictured) and the little teeth that hold the CD in are crushed. Photo on request.