Toshio Saeki Picture Scroll of Pathos

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Permanently Sold Out

Six illustrated stories originally printed in the early 1970s and thought to be lost are gathered in this numbered edition book. Includes two full color overleaf pages which open out to double width (6 color pages). Remaining pages are black and white. Stamped number 774/1000 in the back. Comes in a red cardboard sleeve as shown.

Story titles: Girl Flower Criminal Dream 「少女花犯夢」, Wondering if Late for School 「月日は学校に遅れるのではないかしら」, Time of Justice from Heaven Monsters & Demons 「かんらからから正義の味方怪天鬼」, Miyo chan You Are Hateful 「みよちゃんおまえがうらめしい」, Magojiro's Harmonious Moonlit Night 「まるい月夜の孫次郎」, Who is in the Golden Mask 「黄金仮面は誰でしょう」. (English translations are approximate.)

Condition: white label in center of cardboard sleeve has a couple spots of color loss. Minor wear to edges and corners. Book interior is in excellent/near perfect condition.

佐伯俊男 情念絵巻

Signed: No
# of Pages: 42
Size: 7.38" x 10.3" x .4"
18.6 x 26.2 x 1cm
Binding: Hardcover
Paper dust jacket
Edition: First
Limited edition of 1000
Date Printed: 2004
Where Printed: Japan