Toshio Saeki Enamel Pins

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Your choice from five options.
BATH: Lime green and vibrant blue. Bathing beauty gets a little help from a ghost hand. 22x36mm
GUTS: Lime green and bright orange. Oni jumps on woman's back. 45x33mm
NUKEKUBI: (SOLD OUT) Hot pink and brown. Girl snuggles up with a nukekubi. 45x33mm
OCTOPUS: Bright yellow and deep blue. Woman gets close to a large octopus. 42x34mm
SKIRT: Bright green and royal purple. Gust of wind lifts a uniform skirt. 24x32mm

If you want to buy more than one style, add to cart one at a time. All pins include a butterfly clasp and will ship boxed.

Official licensed pins were made for an exhibition in Taiwan. Limited edition of only 300 pieces each.