Tama Acrylic Stands Blue or Pink

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Your choice of two different heavyweight acrylic stands/keychains with Tama's artworks printed on one side. Acrylic is about .12" (3mm) thick. Each one includes a solid color clear display stand that can also be attached to the included bead chain. Both artworks originally printed in her recent "Deep Memories" book. Photos courtesy of Tama.

Devoted Blue: a blue-haired girl wears a frilly blue and white outfit and prays on her knees for more sweet desserts. Blue star display stand. Approximately 2.18" x 3" (5.6x7.7cm).

Masochistic Pink: a brown haired girl wears a ruffled pink outfit and is tied up with many pink ribbons, dynamite, stuffed animals, and a grenade or two. Pink heart display stand. Approximately 2.25" x 3" (5.8x7.7cm).