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Talking Heads No. 55 Black & White Rondo

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Japanese language art magazine "Black & White Rondo - Joy of Monochrome World" (黒と白の輪舞曲(ロンド)〜モノクロ世界の愉悦). Everything from smooth line drawings, heavy ink work, and detailed pencil sketches. This issue is packed with art - far less text than most TH magazines and a ton of full page art.

Artists featured/reviewed in this issue:
Kazuki Takamatsu (高松和樹), Kenichi Murata (村田兼一), Daisuke Ichiba (市場大介), Kenichi Koyama, SATOFOTO, Ichiyoh Haga, Marc Quinn, Yoichi Nebashi, Makiko Sugawa, Yoshimasa Murakami (村上芳正), Toru Nogawa, Aran, Francis Bacon, Keisuke Tsuchida (土田圭介), Yoh (妖), Musubu Nakai (中井結), Roman Yokoyama (横山路漫), Mitsuya Watanabe (渡邊光也), Ami Yamashiro (山城有未), Toru Nishimaki (西牧徹), Kenny Horie (堀江ケニー), Kazuo Ohno, Vidoku Murasawa (村澤美独), Fumio Kasai, Kaori Ogawa, Hiroko Nagao, and many more.

Books/movies reviewed in this issue:
Black Swan, Butoh dance, Blindness, π (Pi), Coffee and Cigarettes, Frankenstein, Neo Ruins, and more.

Signed: No
# of Pages: 256
Size: 5.875" x 8.25" x .675"
14.8 x 21 x 1.6cm
Binding: Softcover
Edition: First
Date Printed: 2013
Where Printed: Japan
Publisher: Atelier Third