Talking Heads No. 54 Hospital as Unusual Space

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Japanese language art magazine themed on "Hospital as Unusual Space" (病院という異空間). Each page is focused on medical art including hospitals, nurses, morgues, examinations, etc.

Artists featured/reviewed in this issue:
Simone Fukayuki x UNDERLINE, Trevor Brown, Kenny Horie (堀江ケニー), Kenichi Murata (村田兼一), Ken Nikai, Fumio Kasai (香西文夫), Kenichi Koyama (こやまけんいち), Seiyo Usui, Pays des Fées 2013, Kiyotaka Tsurisaki, SATOFOTO, Makoto Aida, Deborah Parkin, Hikaru Matsumura (松村光秀), Kozue Kuroki, and many more.

Books/movies reviewed in this issue:
Hysteria, Antiviral, A Clockwork Orange, Doll House Note 9, Patient Chart News (カルテ通信), The Ward, Lunacy, Infection (感染), Life Without Principle, and more.

Signed: No
# of Pages: 256
Size: 5.875" x 8.25" x .675"
14.8 x 21 x 1.6cm
Binding: Softcover
Edition: First
Date Printed: 2013
Where Printed: Japan
Publisher: Atelier Third