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Takato Yamamoto Postcard Set 2

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Set of 10 postcards from Takato Yamamoto's books Allure of Pharmakon and Altar of Narcissus is in a lovely box printed with silver on the front. There is a little window cut out of it so you can see the 'postcard collection' card (this is in addition to the 10 cards pictured to the left. The box itself measures approximately 4.5" x 6.25". The postcards are about 4.125" x 5.875". Very beautiful packaging. Limited edition of 1000.

Card titles: Giving in to an Invitation 誘われるままに, Caress of a Dead Spirit 死霊の愛撫, Yearning 恋こがれて, Skull Ball 髑髏鞠, Night of the Scarlet Moon 紅月夜, Red Moon 赤い月, Distant Window 遠い窓, Sweet Murder 密殺, A Spirit Viewing 死霊が見ている, Boxed Fantasy 箱詰めにされた幻影.