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Takato Yamamoto Original Print Set 2

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Permanently Sold Out

Permanently SOLD OUT.

Original Print Set by Takato Yamamoto. There are currently five sets of prints (though the first is long since sold out). Prints measure approximately 12.25" x 15.75" (31cm x 40cm). Published 2004.

This is the second set of four (4) prints - Makeup of Darkness featuring prints from Allure of Pharmakon. The silvery white (first) picture is of the folio cover which contains the prints. Each is signed and numbered and also embossed with a stamp of authenticity. This was a limited edition of 180 sets.

Prints are:
5 - Sentimental Toybox 感情的な玩具箱
6 - Curtain of Night 夜の帷
7 - With Hesitation ためらいなから
8 - Makeup of Darkness 闇化粧